Acrolinx Vs Grammarly

Acrolinx Vs Grammarly

If you’re looking for an error-checking tool, there are many to choose from. Acrolinx and Grammarly both have their own benefits and drawbacks. WriteCheck, for example, allows you to check your writing for errors. However, its pricing model is not designed for professional writers. Grammarly’s premium annual plan is more affordable and includes unlimited checks.

Grammarly Chrome

The Grammarly Chrome add-on helps you create content in a polished way. With a focus on improving your writing, this add-on is great for people with poor English grammar. It also works with MS Word to catch and fix punctuation errors. Without Grammarly, you’re stuck highlighting errors with vague explanations.

Grammarly is a popular online English proofreading tool and has extensions and add-ons for major browsers. ProwritingAid, on the other hand, is complex and better suited to long-form content checks.


Despite similar features, Grammarly vs Acrolinx differ in their approach to content editing. Both services offer a variety of browser extensions and integrations. For instance, Grammarly offers browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Both also offer desktop applications for detecting errors and polishing content. Grammarly can also detect plagiarism.

Grammarly features an AI-powered algorithm and genre-specific writing style checks to help you write better. It also has a desktop and downloadable version for Windows and macOS. Both products offer similar features, but they each have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, Grammarly checks for simple to complex grammatical errors. It has over 250 rules to check for, including passive voice, wrong word choice, parallelism, and weak adjectives. On the other hand, the Hemmingway App focuses on content duplication and adverb usage.

Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business is an excellent tool for people who write for a living. It highlights common grammar errors, detects plagiarism, and suggests improvements to your writing that will make it more readable. It is compatible with the most popular operating systems, devices, and browsers. It has a style guide you can import and edit, and it also allows you to specify different tone styles for different types of writing.

The free version of Grammarly allows you to check your writing for mistakes. However, there are some limitations to this feature. It cannot read your content, but it can highlight the mistakes using color codes. Grammarly also offers detailed explanations for errors. This free version is designed for business use, but you can purchase a paid version if you need more advanced features.


WordRake is a computerized proofreading tool that filters documents for errors. It has an intuitive interface and runs right inside Microsoft Word. It analyzes your text, highlighting problematic portions and providing recommended text for fixing those problems. The WordRake algorithm is incredibly effective at hunting down extraneous language and ensuring that your text reads clearly.

The two services differ slightly in their functionality. Both offer real-time correction of writing and both offer free and premium versions. While both offer spellchecking and grammar correction, Grammarly offers more advanced features for editors. It also saves your text on your account for multiple devices.


If you’re comparing PerfectIt vs Grammarly, it can be hard to decide which tool is better. These two online English proofreading tools both work with Microsoft Office, but they each have some key differences. Grammarly’s app works with both Windows and Mac computers, and it can help you correct your mistakes in a few different ways. Both services check your text for errors and suggest changes to fix them. They also allow you to save your documents to your account so you can access them from multiple devices.

Grammarly’s free version is a good choice for writers who don’t want to spend the money for a full subscription. It checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and it can even help you with your writing style. Another great feature is that it automatically produces a Table of Abbreviations and a list of changes made to your document.


If you’re looking for a grammar and spelling checker, you should try Scribens. It’s available on several browsers and is easy to use. However, it lacks many features, including a plagiarism checker and customer support. Ultimately, you’ll want to decide on which one is right for you.

Both Scribens and Grammarly offer similar features, but they do have some differences. Scribens’ web checker identifies redundancies and repeated words. It also grades readability by identifying patterns. It also offers a free version.