After The Deadline Vs Grammarly

After The Deadline Vs Grammarly

Grammarly is a premium writing tool that helps you improve your spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. It also detects plagiarism and provides suggestions for sentence structure and word choice.

It is a useful tool for bloggers, writers, students, and professionals. It is easy to use and has a lot of features that make it stand out from the competition.


Whether you’re writing an academic essay, a business proposal, or an email to a colleague, Grammarly is the tool for you. It checks your writing for grammar, spelling, style, tone, and even plagiarism. It has over 30 million users, including journalists and 30,000 businesses that use Grammarly for business.

In addition to catching basic errors, Grammarly provides suggestions for sentence structure, clarity, and tone. For example, it suggests changing passive voice to active voice and rewriting overly complex sentences to make them clearer. It also improves clarity by identifying phrases that are redundant and suggesting alternatives.

Grammarly also offers insights into your writing and helps you improve over time. It tracks your vocabulary and suggests new words based on the context of your writing. It can also identify recurring errors that you might not notice. It can also adjust its feedback to your level of expertise and goals. However, Grammarly is not perfect and sometimes misses nuances in nuanced or highly technical writing.

Slick Write

Slick Write is a free grammar checker that provides users with a variety of features to help them improve their writing. It checks for grammatical errors, style, and vocabulary. It also analyzes the structure of sentences and paragraphs. It is one of the best grammar checkers for writers who want to improve their writing.

Its user interface is simple and intuitive. It lets users select the section of their text they want to check, and the tool highlights errors that need fixing. It also shows a word count and key statistics. These include the number of adverbs and long sentences, and how long it will take readers to read the text.

While Slick Write is an excellent tool, it lacks a few critical features. It doesn’t detect plagiarism and does not have an extension for most popular browsers. Moreover, it is not compatible with all word processing applications. This makes it difficult to use with a large work.

After The Deadline

Most language-checking software solutions require a monthly or yearly subscription. Grammarly, however, offers a free version of its Premium edition for educational institutions and individual writers.

Unlike the basic spell-check tools found in word processing programs, Grammarly recognizes errors in context and corrects them. It also checks for formality and style, suggesting changes to word choice, phrasing, sentence structure, and vocabulary enhancement.

Its free add-on for Chrome, Firefox and WordPress detects contextual spelling errors and gives feedback on grammar. It also identifies a range of writing issues, such as passive voice and overuse of adverbs.

WhiteSmoke is a powerful grammar-checker that works with Microsoft Word, Gmail, and other applications. Its premium software includes a plagiarism detector and provides translations in more than 55 languages. It also offers a mobile app and a browser plugin for Windows, Mac, and Chrome. Its price is comparable to Grammarly’s yearly subscription. However, it has fewer features than Grammarly. Its website also has a blog with helpful tips and tutorials.


Grammarly is a better option than WhiteSmoke because it has more features. It can correct spelling and grammar errors as well as plagiarism and it integrates with Gmail and Microsoft Office. It also offers a mobile app and premium suites that work on all versions of Windows and Mac. It also has a busy design, but it does a good job of alerting you to errors. However, it missed the UK spelling of “apologise” and tried to correct it with “headphones that plug in.”

Unlike other grammar checkers, WhiteSmoke also offers a mobile application that works on all versions of Android and iOS. It is an affordable choice for students and professionals who want to elevate their writing skills. Its high-quality proofreading and grammar checking capabilities can improve your writing tone, style, and clarity. Its unique Natural Language Processing technology analyzes your text to identify errors and suggest corrections. WhiteSmoke also enables you to set goals for your content and track your performance over time.