Chegg Writing Vs Grammarly

Chegg Writing Vs Grammarly

Grammarly and Chegg Writing are both great tools for analyzing your writing. Both offer similar features for checking your grammar and detecting plagiarism.

However, they have some differences that might make them better options for different types of writers. Let’s take a closer look at the two to find out which one is right for you.


Chegg Writing Vs Grammarly is an effective tool that can help you with your academic papers, essays, and homework. It also provides a comprehensive plagiarism checker that compares your work with millions of sources.

However, it comes with some limitations. For instance, you can only check 15 documents a month with the premium plan.

If you need more than that, you have to upgrade your account. This will cost you $30 per month for individual users.

You can also opt for a business plan. This costs $144 a year and will give you all the premium features for multiple users.

Both tools offer sophisticated writing style suggestions, including tonality and readability assistance. They also have an expansive plagiarism detector that can scan 16 billion ProQuest-licensed websites and articles for plagiarism.

Grammarly is a bit more costly than Chegg at $30 per month. This price makes it difficult for some students to use it.


Grammarly and Chegg Writing are two of the most popular writing tools today. They’re both affordable options that offer a variety of features and benefits.

Grammarly is a free writing program that helps improve your grammatical and spelling errors. It has an AI that reads your work and gives you suggestions for how to improve it.

It also offers a plagiarism checker, which is comparable to Turnitin. This tool scans your writing against billions of sites and articles to identify inadvertent plagiarism.

Both of these features are useful for any student who wants to ensure that their writing is free from mistakes and grammatically correct.

While both of these services are free, the difference is that Grammarly offers more features in their paid plans. This is important if you need more than just a basic spell and grammar checker.


Chegg Writing focuses on helping students write better essays, papers, and homework. Its Grammar Checker catches over 200 types of grammatical errors and corrects them for you.

It also has a Format Correction feature that makes your writing short, clear, and precise by highlighting the most important points. Its seasoned specialists can proofread your work within 24 hours to give you personalized feedback and opinions.

Both Grammarly and Chegg Writing have plagiarism detection software that will check your paper for plagiarism against billions of sources. It can also help you cite your work properly.

In addition, Grammarly offers more advanced writing style suggestions, including tonality and readability assistance. It’s probably the best choice for students producing academic work.

While Grammarly has a free version, it charges $30 per month or $144 per year to unlock the premium features. This is a lot more expensive than Chegg.


Whether you’re writing an essay for school, posting content for marketing purposes, or producing an academic paper, it’s important to proofread your work and check it for plagiarism. These two tasks can be time consuming and tedious, but they’re essential to the success of any piece of written work.

Grammarly and Chegg Writing are both great tools for checking grammatical errors and plagiarism. Both can provide the best possible results for your writing, but you need to consider what they have to offer before making a decision.

For starters, Chegg has a nice looking site that makes it easy to find your textbooks and supplemental material. They also have an online tutoring platform, scholarship and internship search engines, and college writing resources.