Citation Machine Vs Grammarly

Citation Machine Vs Grammarly

If you’re looking for a writing tool that will help you check for grammar and spelling mistakes, you have several options. Some of these tools are free, while others require a subscription.

Grammarly and PERRLA are two of the most popular tools for grammar correction and citation generation. Both are useful to students, academics, and researchers.


Grammarly has a wide range of features that can help you improve your writing. It can be used for a variety of different types of text, from emails to social media posts.

It can be installed as a native app on your computer, or it can be used in your browser. It supports the full Google Suite and Microsoft Office, as well as email and social media.

In addition to the in-browser editor, it also offers Chrome and Word extensions. It supports Opera, Firefox, and Edge as well.

One of the best things about Grammarly is that it autosaves your work so you can easily recover it if you lose power. This is especially useful if you’ve spent hours working on a project and suddenly the power goes out.

Grammarly Premium also offers a plagiarism checker that can help you identify where your content has been copied from elsewhere online. This can help you avoid getting sued or penalized by search engines.


Citation Machine is an easy-to-use citation generator that automatically creates in-text citations and a reference list. It also works on multiple writing formats, so it can help you correctly cite academic papers, online articles, and books.

Grammarly offers a premium plan that includes comprehensive grammar checks and plagiarism detection, plus advanced features like weekly feedback and professional editing. It also provides a business plan with features that make it easier to manage writing teams.

In addition to these features, Grammarly also offers simple analytics to track your team members’ progress in improving their writing skills over time. It also partners with educational institutions and has volume discounts for larger teams.

Grammarly also has a support team that’s spread across the globe to respond to your needs as quickly as possible. You can contact them via their website or by email and phone.

APA Formatting

Citation formatting is an essential part of essay writing that can have a big impact on your final grade. APA style is the most popular citation format for psychology-related research, and it’s used by many other disciplines as well.

If you’re using APA format, you may have to cite a range of different sources including books, journal articles, websites, and presentations. This means you need to make sure your citations are correct and consistent.

APA citations are formatted to include the full name of the source, its publisher, and the publication date. It also includes a brief description of the source, such as the title and subtitles if they are relevant.

You can also add extra information about your APA source type, such as whether it’s an online presentation or an audio podcast, in brackets following the full title of the source. This can help readers understand what they’re looking at and avoid confusion when reading your APA paper.

Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism is an academic crime that involves copying words or ideas from another person’s work. This can be inadvertently or intentionally, and it is a serious concern for students.

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker compares your writing against billions of web pages. It is an excellent tool for catching accidental plagiarism and helping you to cite your sources correctly.

EasyBib is a simple-to-use plagiarism checker and citation generator. Its free version corrects the first five errors in your writing, and it saves citations so you can reference them later.

However, it only detects plagiarism if your text is copied directly from an electronic source. It is unable to compare your text against the hundreds of millions of books and articles that are published in hard copy.

Unicheck, on the other hand, was able to successfully detect most of the plagiarism in our test paper. Moreover, it was able to match most of the text to its intended original source.