Citation Machine Vs Grammarly

Grammarly’s Premium feature now supports citation-style formatting. It will help you create accurate full citations for APA, MLA and Chicago styles. This new functionality is a game-changer for University students as midterms approach this Fall.

The tool also checks for long sentences and provides alternate restructured versions that improve readability. It is available as a Chrome extension.


Grammarly is an excellent tool that helps correct spelling and grammar mistakes. It also checks for overused words and can improve writing style and tone. It can even detect plagiarism and suggest proper citations. It has a premium version that is more advanced and can be expensive, but it is worth the investment for professional writers.

It works in real-time and identifies errors as you type. Its corrections are clear and easy to understand. Its plagiarism detection feature also has fewer false positives than EasyBib. However, it does not offer in-text citation suggestions or a scholarly database like EasyBib.

Grammarly’s auto-citation feature is a great help for academic papers. It works on a range of citation styles and is compatible with Wikipedia, ScienceDirect, PLOS one, Frontiers, SAGE journals, and PubMed. You can use this feature by installing the Grammarly browser extension or using the Grammarly editor on Windows and Mac. It is also available on Chrome.


If you’re writing a research paper, you need to make sure that your citations are correct. This helps avoid accidental plagiarism, which is a serious offense and can lead to disciplinary action or suspension. You can find helpful resources to help you learn how to cite correctly in APA style, including video lessons and in-depth articles.

You can also use Grammarly’s citation generator to create accurate in-text and full APA citations for your papers. This feature is available in the Grammarly Editor, browser extension, and desktop software. It’s compatible with top source websites, like Wikipedia, Frontiers, and ScienceDirect, and stays up to date on APA formatting rules.

The downside of EasyBib is that it has a lot of ads and can make your computer run hot. It’s also difficult to navigate and requires a paid membership to use the service. Grammarly is a more reliable option for academic writing, with fewer ads and no membership fee.


PERRLA makes formatting papers and essays in APA, MLA, and Chicago style super easy. It creates citations and references within seconds. It also makes it easy to switch between different citation styles.

Unlike Grammarly, which mainly corrects writing mistakes, PERRLA focuses on formatting citations and references. It can help you create a citation for any website or article in just a few seconds. It can even suggest the best format for your citation, depending on your chosen style guide.

The free PERRLA app includes a browser extension that automatically generates citations for compatible source websites. The citations are then ready for copy-and-paste. Currently, PERRLA supports ten of the most popular source websites for academic research, including Wikipedia, Frontiers, PLOS One, ScienceDirect, SAGE Journals, and DOAJ. The citations also include live links, which are useful for sharing the article with peers and teachers.


Grammarly is an AI-integrated writing tool that offers a variety of features including real-time grammar checking, contextual suggestions for clarity and conciseness, vocabulary enhancement, plagiarism detection (in the premium version), and support for multiple writing styles. It is a great choice for students who need help with their research papers.

It is compatible with a wide range of source websites, including Wikipedia, PLOS One, ScienceDirect, and SAGE Journals. Its auto-citations feature works within these sites to ensure that your in-text and full citations are formatted correctly according to your chosen style guide.

The only drawback of Grammarly is that it is only available in English. Moreover, the price point of $30 per month can be quite high for many people. Still, it is a good option for students and teachers who want to improve their writing skills. The company also offers a three-day free trial and accepts credit and debit card payments. However, it does not have a dedicated customer support team.