EasyBib Vs Grammarly – Which Grammar Checker is Better?

The best grammar checker online is Grammarly. It spots over 400 significant errors and offers a personalized report for each submission. It also recommends genre-specific suggestions that strengthen your writing.

Its clean interface makes it intuitive to use. It shows its suggestions on the left and your text on the right, and you can accept or reject them. It is compatible with many writing formats.

EasyBib’s citation tool

EasyBib’s citation tool is useful for students and researchers because it helps them keep their work plagiarism-free. This tool can make citations for a variety of citation styles, including MLA and APA. It can also create a bibliography. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and allows users to import citation lists from Google Docs or Word.

The app’s plagiarism checker compares your work against billions of articles and websites to detect accidental or intentional plagiarism. It can also identify grammatical errors. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to use and is available on many devices.

Grammarly is more versatile than EasyBib, and it can spot more errors in your writing. It also offers better customer support. Its website features a contact page and a huge team that can resolve issues quickly. It also supports more than 40 languages, including US, UK, and AU English slang. It can even correct homonyms and omitted words.

Its grammar checker

Grammarly is a great tool for students and professionals to improve their writing skills. The software will correct grammar and spelling errors and help you create polished documents and emails. It also helps you avoid plagiarism by comparing your work against online articles and publications. Its plagiarism detector is more accurate than EasyBib, and it doesn’t make false positives like iThenticate does.

Another great feature of Grammarly is that it explains your mistakes and provides suggestions for corrections. This makes it stand out from other grammar checkers, such as Ginger software and LanguageTool, which only flag your mistakes without explaining them. The software also offers a subscription plan with premium features, such as personalized feedback and a citation assistant. Its customer support page includes tips, tutorials, and FAQs. It also has a contact form to get in touch with the company. However, it does not have live chat or phone support. It is best for professional writers who need to edit large amounts of text.

Its plagiarism checker

EasyBib’s plagiarism checker uses color codes to mark different types of mistakes. However, it does not provide detailed explanations for each mistake. It also doesn’t reveal how extensive its database is, and its claim of “billions” of articles may be misleading.

The software can detect various types of plagiarism, including direct quotes and paraphrasing. It also catches unintentional plagiarism, such as using the same vocabulary as another author. Its interface is simple and easy to understand, but it does not offer advanced features like weekly feedback or professional editing.

Grammarly can be used to correct spelling errors and grammar mistakes in emails, social media posts, and other written content. It can be used in real-time, highlighting mistakes as you write, or it can be run after you finish your writing. It can also identify specific types of errors, such as passive voice and wordy sentences. It is free for basic usage, but its premium version offers more sophisticated corrections and additional features.

Its pricing

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly common to type notes instead of writing by hand. While typing has many advantages, it can also lead to mistakes and misunderstandings. Luckily, grammar checking software can help fix these issues and make your writing more readable. However, you should remember that it’s not a replacement for proofreading and editing.

The Premium version of Grammarly costs $30 per month, but there are discounts available for a quarter or an annual subscription. An annual plan is the best choice, as it will save you money in the long run.

It comes with a vocabulary suggestion feature, an in-built thesaurus, and a plagiarism checker that can find duplicate content. It also offers a citation generator and helps you understand your writing style. Its Business edition includes features such as a style guide and monitoring analytics dashboard. It also allows you to assign custom brand tones and provides snippets for repetitive phrases.