Ginger Software Vs Grammarly

If you’re looking for an app that can proofread and correct your copy, there are two big names in the industry – Grammarly and Ginger.

Both of these tools can help you improve your writing and make it more professional and clear. However, which one is right for you?


Grammarly and Ginger Software are writing enhancement tools that can be used online, as a browser extension, or as a desktop app. They both work on a wide variety of word processing programs, including Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

However, Grammarly’s free version offers a larger restriction than Ginger’s, which can help you catch more grammatical errors. It’s also compatible with more devices and programs, and has a better price point for businesses.

While Grammarly can catch a few more errors than Ginger, it’s still not as accurate, so it may not be right for every writer.

On the other hand, Ginger is an excellent rephrasing tool that works across multiple languages and supports text to speech. This feature can be very useful for writers with dyslexia. It also has a translation tool that can translate your content into 40 different languages.


Ginger Software and Grammarly are two of the most popular grammar checkers available. They are both easy to use and have a lot of useful features.

However, both also have some limitations. They both offer a free plan, but that’s limited to a certain number of grammar checks.

If you need more than this, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium version. This allows you to use the advanced features like plagiarism checker and expert help.

Both apps offer excellent customer support in the form of email, phone and tickets. This is important if you need to ask questions about how to use the app or have trouble figuring out which tool is right for you.

In addition, Ginger is one of the only grammar checkers that can scan a variety of languages. This is especially helpful if you’re writing content that has a wide range of languages.


If you’re looking for a grammar checker with top-of-the-line accuracy and plagiarism-checking abilities, you should probably go with Grammarly. They offer a desktop app, mobile app and browser extension that can be used anywhere you go online to make sure your grammar and punctuation are impeccable.

Unlike Grammarly, Ginger is more of a UX-oriented tool that focuses on making the process of writing easy. Its interface looks dated, but it still has some useful functions that will help you improve your writing style and avoid unnecessary errors.

In addition to a grammar checker, it also offers several other writing-related tools and features. One of the most impressive is a text-to-speech program that allows dyslexic writers to read their content aloud.

This feature is especially helpful for those with dyslexia or those who don’t have the time to read through a lengthy document on their own. Additionally, Ginger has a vocabulary enhancement capability that suggests alternative words and a sentence rephraser that helps you explore different ways to phrase your sentences.

Bottom Line

Grammarly and Ginger Software are two of the most popular grammar checker apps on the market. They are designed for all kinds of writing and work on many different platforms, including Google Docs and mobile devices.

Both Ginger and Grammarly have a lot of nice features, including a native dictionary that constantly checks words to ensure accuracy. They also have a rephraser tool that can help users to improve sentence structure and grammar.

Another good feature of Ginger is its multilingual support. It can correct errors in a wide range of languages, and even offer translation.

The interface is also pretty neat, although Ginger has a much more basic layout than Grammarly. It’s more like a clipboard-style page and features a few buttons along the bottom.

On the right of the screen, you can see your document assessment score. This tells you how well your writing is doing compared to other writers.