Ginger Vs Grammarly – Which Grammar Checker is Best For Business Writers?

Ginger Vs Grammarly

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors are a big problem for writers. Thankfully, they can be easily fixed with a good grammar checker.

Ginger and Grammarly are two popular tools that are known for their spell checking and grammar correction capabilities. We compared them to see which one did a better job.

What’s the Difference?

Grammarly and Ginger are both spelling and grammar checkers that provide real-time feedback. They don’t offer the same level of feedback as a human proofreader, but they do give useful tips and corrections that will help you improve your writing.

Grammarly offers a variety of features including context-specific grammar checking, plagiarism checker, and a wide range of editing tools. It also has a performance score that shows how well your document is written as compared to other users’ documents.

It’s easy to use and offers a simple interface that makes it a good choice for beginners. You can access it online or via the desktop app.

It also offers a variety of other writing tools like a text reader and sentence rephrasing function. It also has a native dictionary, which constantly checks words in your document.


Grammar and spelling mistakes can tarnish the image of an organization or product, making it difficult to communicate. An accurate grammar checker can catch errors early, saving you money and embarrassment.

Ginger is a writing enhancement tool that corrects text as you type, picking up on mistakes with punctuation, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, and style. It also provides dictionary definitions, synonyms, and a sentence rephraser to improve writing accuracy.

The interface is simple and state-forward, which makes it easier for new users to understand and get a grip of. It’s also free and available for iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows devices.

Despite Ginger’s limitations, it does a good job of identifying and fixing common grammatical issues. It also gives a detailed explanation of why you have problems, which can help you avoid repeating them in the future.


Grammarly and Ginger are both excellent tools for checking grammar, but they differ in a few key areas. While Grammarly is more expensive, it offers a number of features that make it a better choice for business writers.

It also offers an online plagiarism checker that is available in its premium version, which is not offered in Ginger. The software also uses ProQuest’s academic databases to verify your content and provide citation suggestions.

In addition, it offers a free plan that does not require a monthly or annual subscription. You can even get a free trial of its mobile app.

If you’re looking for a grammar checker that can work across multiple platforms, Ginger is a good choice. It’s compatible with Android, iOS, and Mac devices and works on both desktop and web browsers. It’s also available as a Chrome extension.


Both Grammarly and Ginger offer a free version. But if you want to take advantage of their more advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to their premium versions.

The price tag can be a little daunting for writers who don’t have the budget to splash out on an annual subscription. However, if you’re a content marketing agency or a firm that produces written content regularly, it might be worth considering one of their business modules.

The design of the software is important, and all three tools offer a clear white space and an uncluttered interface. However, only ProWritingAid and Grammarly feature a full-screen writing experience.