Grammarly – Active Vs Passive Voice

If you’re writing about organised crime, use the passive voice. It’s also appropriate in paragraphs about the refinement of laws. Grammarly is smart, but not clever enough to understand the content of your paragraph, so it will give you a warning if you’ve chosen the wrong style.

Active voice is a style of writing that highlights the logical flow of action

In writing, the active voice is preferred over the passive voice. Passive voice sentences tend to be vague and may have a lot of prepositional phrases, while the active voice sentences emphasize the flow of action. For example, if you’re writing a novel, your subject is the novel, not the writer. If you’re trying to convey how a novel is created, you should use the active voice.

An active voice sentence puts the subject and action at the beginning of the sentence. This helps to highlight the logical flow of action in a sentence. It also makes the writing sound more direct and clear. Using the active voice style is critical if you’re hoping to earn top grades.

Passive voice sentences add extra words to the content and make the writing look uninformative. It is also possible to make more grammatical errors by using passive voice. It’s essential to choose your verb tenses, word choice, and tone of content carefully. Whenever possible, reread your drafts to identify weak or incorrect sentences.

Although both active and passive voices are grammatically correct, active voice sentences are generally shorter than passive voice sentences. If you’re able to write more concisely, active voice is the best choice. However, if you want to be scientific and exact, the passive voice might be better for you.

Passive voice is a style of writing that avoids personal pronouns

The passive voice is a style of writing that does not include personal pronouns. It is appropriate in complex sentences and when the subject is unknown or unimportant. In these instances, identifying the actor would not add any useful information. Likewise, it is appropriate when the actor’s actions are a general obligation.

When writing an academic or scientific paper, passive voice can be useful. It allows the writer to avoid personal pronouns and create a more objective tone. It also helps writers avoid naming particular researchers or organizations. This style is also useful in journalism, because it allows the writer to present information without attribution or defamation.

In addition, passive voice sentences are vague and often involve many prepositional phrases. They can also become confusing to readers because they have to wait until the end of the sentence to figure out the action. In addition, active voice sentences tend to be shorter and easier to understand.

Using a passive voice in research papers makes it difficult for readers to identify who is performing the action. For example, “we investigated the effectiveness of stem cell treatments” could mean that a study was conducted by someone else, but “we investigated it ourselves” clearly indicates that the researchers conducted their own investigation.

It makes your writing sound weak

You’ve probably heard the saying “the active voice is better than the passive voice.” It makes your writing sound clearer and more dynamic. Passive voice sentences, on the other hand, sound weak and boring. Active voice sentences command respect from your reader and give you more authority.

Passive voice is less effective because it hides the subject of the sentence. The active voice makes the subject of a sentence clear. Grammarly has a helpful app that analyzes your writing and finds instances of passive voice. Using the tool can help you avoid making mistakes.

Passive voice also makes your writing sound weak. It is easier to say and read than active voice. And it’s easy to correct. It tightens your sentences and doesn’t demand a lot of work, unlike active voice repair. It also avoids the awkwardness of attributions.

Using passive voice is generally better, but it isn’t the only way to write. Active voice is more natural and has more dynamism. You should use active voice whenever you want your reader to focus on your subject. In addition, it can make your sentences more interesting and engaging.

Grammarly has a wide range of features. A free version provides the most basic grammar tools, while a premium version offers more features. One such feature is the ability to translate content into other languages. Another feature is an app that checks for passive and active voice.