Grammarly Keyboard Vs Swiftkey

If you’re a writer who is looking for a keyboard that’s focused on spotting writing errors, Grammarly Keyboard is a great choice. The app houses a spell checker, grammar checker, contextual spelling checker and advanced punctuation correction features.

This keyboard is a good substitute for SwiftKey if you don’t want to worry about Microsoft’s data collection. It is also one of the few third-party keyboards that doesn’t require you to pay for in-app features like voice typing and translation.


Grammarly Keyboard is an easy to use typing app that provides users a way to improve their writing skills. It helps you check spelling, grammar, and punctuation before sending your written messages, documents, and social posts.

To start using the app, you need to download it from the app store. Once downloaded, simply find the globe icon and hold it down to activate it.

Once it’s activated, the green Grammarly symbol appears within text boxes when you type. This indicates the app is active and working properly.

The keyboard also offers a host of writing suggestions and seamless integration with all major apps. This is a huge benefit for those of us who write frequently or send important emails and social media posts.

Another notable feature is tone detection. This allows you to know whether your text will be the right tone based on the context.


Grammarly Keyboard is a very convenient tool to use for writing your messages, LinkedIn emails, social media posts, and more. It offers a quick and easy way to check that your writing is free of spelling errors, misused punctuation, and other grammatical issues that can get in the way of good communication.

The app works in almost any text-based writing box. This means you don’t have to download an additional app for every different writing platform.

When a problem is detected, Grammarly will show you an explanation of the error along with a suggestion for correction. You can tap on the suggested word or phrase to accept it, dismiss it, or tell Grammarly to learn it as a real word.

The app is incredibly efficient, especially when it comes to detecting comma splices and run-on sentences. It also works well when examining long chunks of text and can be a great help in proofreading pre-written documents or email messages.


Grammarly is a popular grammar checking service that is available in browsers and mobile devices. It has a few noteworthy features, including predictive text suggestions and swipe typing.

The app is free to download for both Android and iOS devices, but there are in-app purchases that make the experience more rewarding. The app boasts a few notable innovations, but the most impressive is its ability to help you write with proper grammar and etiquette.

Unlike some other similar apps, Grammarly actually tells you when you’re making a mistake, and it even gives you a simple explanation as to why the correction is needed. This is a significant innovation, as it can save you time and embarrassment from making the same mistakes over and over again.

The app isn’t cheap, but it does have a few perks that most competitors lack. For example, it has a built-in clipboard manager that allows you to copy and paste texts for up to an hour before self-purging, which is a useful feature. It also has a clever way to suggest words that aren’t in your dictionary.

Final Words

Grammarly Keyboard is a great choice for anyone who needs a keyboard that will help them improve their writing skills. It offers swipe typing, predictive text suggestions, and integration with all of your favorite apps.

However, the app’s main focus is on catching grammatical mistakes as you type. It will notify you when you misspell a word, and it will also suggest corrections to your sentences, phrases, tenses, verb usage, etc.

Gboard, on the other hand, is a majorly popular Android keyboard that comes pre-installed with most Android phones out of the box. It has a dedicated clipboard manager that saves copied texts for up to an hour before automatically deleting them.

Gboard is also a better option if you prefer GIFs and stickers over emojis. It offers hundreds compared to 15 available on Grammarly.