Grammarly Keyboard Vs Swiftkey

Grammarly Keyboard Vs Swiftkey

Grammarly is a popular service that lets you keep your writing free of grammatical errors. It’s now available as a keyboard app, making it easy to correct mistakes everywhere you type.

It supports a few varieties of English language and boasts features like emoji search, GIF support, themes, and more. It’s compatible with almost all iOS devices.

Keyboard Layouts

The Grammarly keyboard is compatible with a wide range of Android devices and iOS versions. Once you install it on your device, a green G icon will show up in the completion bar as you type. This keyboard will keep a tab on your spelling and grammatical errors and alert you about them in real-time.

Both apps have QWERTY keyboard layouts and support a number of languages. They also have a dedicated row for number keys. Both keyboards have autocorrect functionality that works well. However, Gboard has the advantage of catching more misspellings than Grammarly.

Moreover, Gboard has a clipboard manager that saves copied text for up to an hour. In comparison, Grammarly has no clipboard function. This might be an issue for some users.

Languages Supported

Grammarly Keyboard is a keyboard app with a focus on language and grammar. The app houses a grammar checker, contextual spelling checker, advanced punctuation correction, vocabulary enhancement, and more.

Unlike Gboard, which has a wide range of features such as stickers, emojis, and themes, Grammarly Keyboard is strictly focused on grammar. It has a much narrower feature set but is very useful for those who care about proper grammar and writing skills.

Grammarly supports a variety of English languages including American, British, and Canadian English. It also supports voice typing and translation for other languages. Grammarly offers a free version for casual use and a premium subscription plan for more serious users. It is available for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, the app is compatible with other keyboard apps such as Fleksy and Gboard.


Grammarly Keyboard focuses on grammar and spelling above all else, making it an excellent choice for users who are serious about writing. It offers advanced grammatical suggestions and corrections, along with contextual analysis and word suggestion options to help you compose clear and articulate text.

It also provides feedback on your tone, ensuring that your message comes across as intended. However, it lacks a few features that other keyboard apps offer.

For example, Gboard has a full suite of emojis compared to Grammarly’s meager 15. It also includes a Clipboard Manager so you can copy and paste images from other apps into the keyboard. You can even use your own custom image as a background. It also detects dark mode automatically and adjusts the keyboard theme accordingly.

GIFs & Stickers

Grammarly is a popular service that you’ve probably heard of before, as an extension for your browser. Its keyboard app takes its service a step further, helping you eliminate grammatical errors and typos as you write. It also offers suggestions for improving phrases, tenses, verb usage, and so on.

One thing that sets Grammarly apart from its competitors is that it’s internet-dependent. Without an active data connection, the keyboard would be useless.

Another feature that Gboard has is a ‘One-handed mode’, which automatically resizes the keyboard to make typing easier with just one hand. This is a great feature that most other keyboard apps lack. It also has a clipboard manager that lets you save copied text for up to 60 minutes. You can find this option in the settings menu.

Clipboard Manager

Grammarly is a well-known service that many of us might already have as an extension in our browsers to help keep our writing free from spelling and grammatical errors. Its keyboard app takes the idea one step further by allowing you to correct text from within your smartphone’s typing interface.

It does this by analyzing your current writing and giving you suggestions in the completions bar. You can accept or dismiss the corrections.

Gboard also lets you customize your keyboard theme. For example, you can set it to follow your device’s dark or light theme. You can also choose from several colors and color gradients for your theme. Moreover, it supports number rows and has emojis. It can even auto-correct certain words for you.