Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Vs Turnitin

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Vs Turnitin

Grammarly and Turnitin are two different tools that help writers and students check the originality of their work. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, so users should choose the one that best suits their needs.

Grammarly is a popular grammar checking software program for English learners, students, and professional writers. It checks grammatical errors, misspelt words, and misused phrases.


The main difference between Grammarly and Turnitin is that Grammarly focuses on spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, while Turnitin is more concerned with plagiarism. However, each tool has its own unique set of functions and users should choose the one that best suits their needs.

Grammarly is a great option for those who want to improve their writing skills. It can detect and correct a variety of errors, such as run-on sentences, comma splices, wordy phrases, and dangling participles. It also provides tips for improving style and tone. It also offers a free version for students and teachers, whereas Turnitin is a more expensive choice for business owners.

Turnitin is the leading plagiarism checker used by academic institutions and students worldwide. It can detect plagiarism in written work, research papers, and student assignments. It has a database of more than 99 billion documents and can identify even the smallest instances of plagiarism. Its algorithm is more advanced than Grammarly’s, making it a more reliable tool for checking plagiarism.

Easy to use

Grammarly has a simple user interface that even first-time users can understand. All its features are listed in a sidebar and are easily accessible. It is also easy to use on mobile devices.

Its main target audience is students and writers, but it can be used by anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. Grammarly is more than just a spelling and grammar checker; it can also detect plagiarism. It compares your text to millions of documents and databases to identify any potential plagiarism issues.

It can detect multiple levels of plagiarism, including verbal and visual similarities. It can also highlight sentences that need a citation and provide links to the original source.

It also has a feature that allows educators to comment on their student’s work, which is a great tool for improving learning. It can also identify the author and date of origin of a document. It is also possible to compare a document against different sources, including student papers and publications.

Multilingual support

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is more expensive than Turnitin, but it offers more features and is more versatile. It is designed for students, teachers, researchers, and professional writers who want to produce high-quality content that is free of plagiarism. It uses a large database of academic and student papers to compare your work with other sources and flags instances of plagiarism. It is also more accurate than Turnitin, which can sometimes mark text as plagiarism when it is actually original.

Grammarly can be used for business writing, but it is not as effective for creative writing. It does not detect plagiarism in images or audio and only checks text. It cannot scan documents for plagiarism in other languages, either.

Turnitin scans documents for plagiarism using a large database of 70 billion web pages. This includes both active and archived sites. It can also find formulas, characters, and symbols in mathematics solutions. It can also detect plagiarism in documents that have been uploaded to the web.


While Grammarly is best known for its writing enhancement features, it also comes with a plagiarism detection tool. Millions of online users rely on this software to check their content for grammar errors and word constructions. However, it isn’t as effective as Turnitin when it comes to checking for plagiarism.

Turnitin checks for plagiarism by comparing documents to its vast databases, which include 16 billion web pages, academic papers from ProQuest, and private documents. It also analyzes the source and highlights any duplicated text. In addition, it provides a citation to the original document so that users can properly attribute their work.

Unlike Grammarly, Turnitin is not free and requires a subscription to use its features. Nevertheless, it is an excellent choice for students who want to maintain their academic integrity and avoid plagiarism. The tool also offers enterprise level security and privacy. It uses a secure encryption system to protect its customers’ data and provides support through email and chat.