Grammarly Premium Vs Grammarly Business

Grammarly Premium Vs Grammarly Business

Grammarly Premium is the full version of the writing tool that offers more features than the free version. These include word variety suggestions, rewrites, inclusive language detection, and a plagiarism checker.

It is designed for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. It can help writers, editors, and even non-writers create professional emails, social media posts, and official documents.


Aside from checking grammar and spelling mistakes, Grammarly Premium also checks for plagiarism. It will highlight areas in your content that may be duplicated from other sources and help you correct them. This is especially useful if you want to rank on search engines.

Grammarly Business is a more advanced version of the free Grammarly app that’s designed for teams. It offers more features like style guides, snippets, and brand tones. It also allows for more customizations, such as managing team members’ roles and settings.

Moreover, Grammarly Business can be accessed on multiple devices. It also has a dashboard that shows your overall progress. It can help you improve your writing and provide a more consistent tone. It is also helpful for businesses that require a lot of written content. This includes SEO copywriters and marketing agencies. Using it will help you produce high-quality content and make your audience more engaged. It will also save you time and money by reducing the number of errors you have to fix.


Grammarly Premium is a great option for individuals who write for a living. It’s also a good choice for established small businesses that prioritize quality content publishing.

Grammarly Business is ideal for teams of three or more people. This version of the program provides team management tools and allows users to create a company style guide. It also prioritises user security, and is certified on various levels.

However, the cost of this program may be too expensive for some businesses. Its annual plan costs $15 per member, which adds up to a lot of money. It’s best to consider the cost of the program before deciding on whether it is worth it. Nevertheless, Grammarly Business offers some great features that are not available in the Premium version, such as Tone Identification and Brand Tones, Snippets, and Style Guides. Moreover, it’s much more affordable than the monthly plan, which can save you a lot of money over time.


Grammarly is a popular grammar-checking software that can be used by students, writers, and small business owners. It has a free version that can be used by anyone, and it also has a premium version that offers more advanced features.

The premium version of Grammarly offers several advanced features, including sentence rewrites, vocabulary suggestions, and text enrichment. It can also identify plagiarism and detect inconsistencies. In addition, it can suggest changes to style and tone.

The software can also help with citations and references. It can also detect overused words and offer alternatives. It can even improve the readability of a document by suggesting a more appropriate tense or active voice.

The Business edition of Grammarly is a great option for teams of up to 15 members. It can help ensure that your team’s writing is error-free and reflects the company’s brand. It can also help with consistency by ensuring that all documents are written in the same style. It can also help with productivity by providing analytics on the number of errors and missed opportunities.


Grammarly Business is the latest offering from Grammarly and aims at businesses that need to ensure their writings are free of errors. It is a paid service and requires an annual subscription. It helps ensure that all emails, social media posts and contracts are grammatically correct and error-free to maintain professional communication standards.

While Grammarly does help reduce spelling and grammar errors, it is important to remember that it is artificial intelligence. It will not catch all grammatical errors or understand the tone of your writing. It is best used by copywriters who know how to write for their audience.

Unlike Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business is designed for teams and includes features like an analytics dashboard, style guides, and snippets. It is a great option for companies that need to ensure their writings reflect their brand image and tone. It can be accessed on web browsers, Android and iOS apps. It also supports many third-party software integrations.