Grammarly Premium Vs ProwritingAid

Grammarly Premium Vs Prowritingaid

Grammarly Premium and Prowritingaid are two of the top-rated writing assistant tools. Both of them are affordable, have great customer support, and offer many features to help writers with their writing.

The tool detects grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and usage issues. It also suggests fixes to improve sentence structure and word choice. It is also compatible with most websites and email platforms.


Grammarly and ProWritingAid are two of the most popular grammar-checking apps. Both are able to correct grammar, spelling errors, and punctuation mistakes. They also offer a plagiarism checker and advanced genre-specific suggestions. Both apps are available in multiple price plans. Choosing the right one for your writing needs depends on a few factors.

Both tools work across many platforms, including desktop and mobile devices, web browsers, and apps. They can be integrated with other software programs through plugins and extensions. They also provide a variety of features, including rephrasing, contextual spelling, and vocabulary enrichment.

Both software programs have a free version, but the Premium plan is more expensive. It costs $30 per month, but if you pay yearly, the cost is much lower. Moreover, both software programs have a student discount. Additionally, Grammarly offers a lifetime plan for $399. However, it’s important to note that the Premium version has fewer features than the yearly plan.


Grammarly offers a clean, simple interface. All you need to do is paste or upload your document and the errors are highlighted immediately on the screen. The mistakes are categorized by grammatical errors, sentence clarity suggestions, and vocabulary options. This allows you to customize the results based on your needs.

Both Grammarly and ProWritingAid can be used on desktop computers through Chrome extensions and mobile apps. Both offer a wide range of features, including plagiarism checking, writing style suggestions, and vocabulary enrichment. However, ProWritingAid has a few limitations that make it less convenient than Grammarly.

One such limitation is that it limits the number of documents and words you can check per month. This limit can be overcome by upgrading to the premium version. The price for this upgrade is $30 a month or $120 annually. The premium version also includes advanced grammatical suggestions, tone suggestions, and full sentence rewrites. It can be purchased online or through a browser extension.


Grammarly is a good choice for proofreading short-form content, such as emails, notices, social media posts, and product descriptions. It can also help with long-form content, such as academic papers, dissertations, and book chapters. Grammarly has an easy-to-use interface and integrates with a number of platforms, including WordPress, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word. Its website includes an extensive knowledge base, a grammar guide, and a blog section on language and grammar.

However, it is not a replacement for a professional editor. Its plagiarism detection is not as effective as ProWritingAid, and its suggestions sometimes change the meaning of sentences. Its faulty algorithm can lead to inappropriate recommendations, and it may even make you doubt your own grammatical skills. It is also more expensive than ProWritingAid.


Grammarly Premium is a powerful tool that offers users a variety of features. It can check a wide range of errors, including grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, and punctuation issues. It can also detect plagiarism and correct citations. The program can be used in many ways, including through a browser extension and plugins. It can also be integrated into Word and Scrivener apps. Its text and grammar checking API is also available for developers.

The free version of Grammarly is limited to basic grammar suggestions, while the Premium plan offers more in-depth analysis and more tools. Its price is less expensive than ProWritingAid’s yearly subscription, and it has a free trial option.

While both programs can identify grammatical errors, they may not always catch all of them. The best grammar checker is one that can provide accurate feedback and offer suggestions for improving the content. It should also have a user-friendly interface and be easy to use.