Grammarly Vs Microsoft Editor

Grammarly is a grammar checker that can be used as a web editor, Word plug-in, app, and even a browser extension. It flags errors with colored underlines, and hovering over the error will give you suggestions to correct it.

It also makes corrections to sentence structure and tone. However, it doesn’t have the same ability as a human editor.

Free version

Grammarly is an online writing tool that catches spelling and grammar errors. It also offers suggestions on style and tone, and can help you keep your sentences concise. It is a great tool for writers who want to improve their writing skills over time.

Microsoft Editor is a free tool that comes with Word and works with other Microsoft products, including Outlook and Chrome. It can highlight errors in real-time and can be used as a Chrome extension to check web content. It can also be used as an add-in for Word and other desktop applications.

Grammarly is more expensive than Microsoft Editor, but it has more features. Its corrections are more in-depth and include detailed explanations of why the error is a mistake. It can also suggest synonyms, antonyms, and definitions. It also has document goals and readability scoring, which are useful for improving your writing. It can even recommend a professional proofreader for you.

Premium version

The premium version of Grammarly offers more sophisticated corrections and improvements. For example, it can catch dangling modifiers and parallelism problems that Word does not detect. It can also analyze your writing style and tone to help you improve your clarity, conciseness, and formality. It can even catch redundancies and overuse of passive voice.

It also offers more in-depth explanations for errors, so you can learn from them and correct them in the future. If you hover over a highlighted text, Grammarly will show you the reason why it flagged it.

In a test of technical instructions for a new App, Grammarly caught more mistakes than Microsoft Editor, including incorrectly hyphenating the words five-years-old and managing your family’s contacts. It also spotted more errors involving verbs and prepositions. However, the human editor was more helpful when rewriting sentences to make them clearer and shorter. It also suggested removing personal information to prevent privacy breaches. Grammarly’s premium features also include a plagiarism checker, which is a valuable tool for professional writers.


Compared to Microsoft Editor, Grammarly’s premium version is more expensive. However, it offers more advanced features that are suitable for serious writers. The premium version includes features such as document goals and readability score, word choice and vocabulary enhancement, and a plagiarism checker. It also allows you to choose the genre of your writing and detect potential errors such as passive voice.

It can be used in real-time and can highlight mistakes as you write or at the end of your work to check your spelling. It can also provide suggestions and help you improve your sentence structure. It can even suggest synonyms and antonyms to help you choose the right words.

Moreover, it can be integrated into most major word processors and platforms. Its robust offerings and extensive platform integration make it an excellent choice for businesses that are rigorously invested in content. It can also be installed as an add-on in Word, allowing users to use it seamlessly within their operating systems.


While Microsoft Editor comes bundled as an assistant application with Office 365 and can be used in MS Word and Outlook, it is less sophisticated than Grammarly. In contrast, Grammarly is more intuitive and can be used in real time as you type. It will detect errors in your typing as well as suggest corrections to improve your writing style and tone.

The software will highlight errors with red, blue, or green underlines. You can click on each underline to see the associated suggestion card. If you agree with a suggestion, click on the “Accept” button. You can also edit the suggestions to improve the accuracy of the software. You can also use the “More options” link to configure your settings. For example, you can tell Grammarly to ignore certain words or change the language preference. You can also disable the plagiarism detection feature. It is a great tool for anyone who struggles with their spelling and grammar.