Grammarly Vs Microsoft Word

Grammarly Vs Microsoft Word

Grammarly is a writing tool that identifies errors and helps you fix them. It can also help you set goals for your writing to improve its tone and style.

The app flags possible errors with colored underlines and then provides a quick explanation of the error. You can hover over the error to see suggestions or click it to correct it.

Grammar Check

Grammarly and Microsoft Word are two of the world’s most popular writing programs. They have been around for decades now, and they are both a major part of many people’s documentation needs.

Both tools are designed to catch grammar and spelling errors as well as provide some other features for free. However, they do have some premium options that require subscriptions.

Grammarly is a popular online grammar checker that works across most major browsers and also integrates with Microsoft Word. It also has a tone prediction tool and plagiarism checker that can help you improve your written communication skills.

Spelling Check

Getting your grammar and spelling correct is essential for the integrity of your writing. A misspelled word in an email or letter can hurt your reputation and cause a lot of embarrassment.

For this reason, it’s important to choose a tool that will catch errors and offer the right corrections. Thankfully, both Grammarly and Microsoft Editor do a good job of catching errors, making it easier to write error-free content.

While both programs can check your spelling, Grammarly catches a larger number of mistakes and offers more in-depth explanations for any suggestions it makes. It also provides better feedback than Microsoft Editor, so it’s a great choice for serious writers.

Punctuation Check

Using the right punctuation is essential to the readability of your writing. It can help you avoid making a mistake that could mislead readers and cause them to lose interest in your work.

Grammarly is a robust grammar checker that catches punctuation errors like errant commas and a lack of ending punctuation. It also offers a variety of suggestions to improve your writing, and all corrections are accompanied by an explanation for why you need to fix them.

Microsoft Editor is a new tool that’s being integrated into Word, and it’s a direct competitor to Grammarly. Its free features include spelling and basic grammar checks, while a paid subscription unlocks clarity, conciseness, formal language, vocabulary suggestions, plagiarism checking (“similarity”), and more.

Style Check

When it comes to writing, grammar and style go hand in hand. They are critical components of the overall quality and effectiveness of a document.

Style Check highlights words that aren’t needed for flow, don’t add anything to the meaning, or just don’t belong in the sentence. It’s up to you to remove them, and you can double tap/click on a hit-through word or phrase for easy removal.

Style Check also highlights passive verbs, which weaken sentences and make them less punchy. You can fix them by changing their usage to active verbs or removing them altogether.

Copyright Check

Grammarly has an online plagiarism checker that searches over 16 billion websites and academic papers. This feature is great for students, teachers, and academic writers who want to ensure their writing isn’t copied.

It also has a personal dictionary that you can use to add non-English words to your document. It will check the spelling of those words as well.

The free version of the tool offers basic spelling and grammar checking, but you’ll need a premium subscription to get the best results. It offers an upgrade for a small fee, which adds features such as a plagiarism checker.

ProWritingAid is a versatile editing tool that can be used for all types of writing. It has a clean and simple interface that makes it easy to learn.