Grammarly Vs Pro Writing Aid

Grammarly Vs Pro Writing Aid

Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid are two of the most popular editing software solutions. Each tool has unique features and offers a variety of integrations.

However, both of these tools are not foolproof. They are not able to correct all your grammar and spelling mistakes. Nevertheless, they can save you time and effort in a variety of situations.

User-friendly interface

Grammarly Vs Pro Writing Aid offers a clean interface where you can write directly into the online editor or upload a file. The tool enables you to fix errors in real time.

The program also highlights the wordiness and repetition in your content. It also catches spelling mistakes and misplaced punctuations.

In addition, Grammarly highlights the use of passive voice in your content and also points out the misuse of prepositions. It will provide you with suggestions to replace these words with more suitable alternatives.

It also provides a Vocabulary and Rare Words score that depends on the unique words used in the text. This will help you to create more variety in your content.

Grammarly also supports the use of its browser extension. This means that you can use the program no matter where you are, even on your mobile phone.

Grammar checker

Grammar checkers are great tools for proofreading, writing, and re-writing. They help you save time by removing errors and correcting them automatically.

The Grammarly tool is one of the most popular grammar checking software. It comes with a free version and a premium version that gives users access to more features.

It also integrates with Microsoft Word and offers Google Chrome plugins for writing on the go. The software is easy to use and provides a real-time compact check of your content in a user-friendly way.

Another feature of Grammarly is that it identifies grammatical errors and suggests alternatives to make your text error-free. It also points out the misused phrases and structural issues in your content.

Pro Writing Aid offers a similar feature to Grammarly, but the suggestions are more accurate. You can also create a personal dictionary with the tool to avoid mistakes in future.

Plagiarism checker

Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid are two writing tools that can help you edit your writing. These tools are able to detect grammar and spelling errors, improve your writing style, and check plagiarism.

They are available for both desktop and mobile devices. You can use their desktop application to edit your documents on a PC or Mac, or you can install the Chrome extension and edit your text on your browser.

The tool also offers a variety of integrations and plugins to make editing where you write easier. These include integrations with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Outlook.

You can use the grammar checker to improve your writing skills and eliminate grammatical errors in real-time. The software underlines all grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes as you write.

The tool also provides a powerful plagiarism checker that flags texts that require citations. It checks online articles, academic papers, and private databases for occurrences of similar phrases or sentences. It provides corresponding links on its suggestion card to redirect you automatically to the online sources.


Both Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid offer several features for grammatical corrections, style recommendations, and plagiarism detection. However, it is important to choose the right writing enhancement tool for your needs.

Grammarly offers a free plan with limited features and a premium subscription for additional benefits. The free plan includes spelling, grammatical, and punctuation corrections, as well as tone detection.

Pro Writing Aid, on the other hand, offers more features than Grammarly and has an extensive desktop application as well as browser plugins. It also integrates with Scrivener, a word-processing program for long-form writers.

Despite their differences, both tools can help you write flawless and engaging content. They offer superior suggestions to correct grammatical and spelling errors, as well as context-sensitive style recommendations.