Grammarly Vs Reat

Grammarly is a writing tool that corrects spelling and grammar errors. It can also help you create citations and format your work. However, it is important to know that Grammarly isn’t a replacement for a professional editor.

One thing that sets Grammarly apart from other spellchecking tools is its ability to detect passive voice. It can also identify overused words and suggest alternatives.


Grammarly has a more integrated approach to writing. You can upload documents or type directly into the editor. The tool highlights errors and suggests corrections with different colors. It also provides a detailed report on word count, readability and vocabulary. Its Premium service offers additional features such as sentence length check and plagiarism detection.

Grammarly’s free version does a basic grammar check. It catches spelling mistakes and basic grammatical issues. It also flags overused words and identifies insensitive language. However, it doesn’t catch everything. It misses some technical jargon and omits the Oxford comma.

Ginger software also has a free browser extension that checks grammar and spelling. It can also highlight repeated words and suggest synonyms. It is easy to use and offers a simple interface. Its paid version allows you to customize its settings and dictionaries. It also lets you choose your writing style and preferences. You can even select your audience, formality, domain and tone to get more accurate suggestions.


Grammarly is a popular choice for professional writers because it’s easy to use and provides accurate corrections. However, it’s important to note that it is not a replacement for a human editor. Its suggestions may not make sense for every piece of text, and it’s still essential to have a good understanding of basic grammar and spelling rules.

The premium version of Grammarly offers a wide range of features that improve your writing. It can detect errors in style, spelling, and punctuation, as well as provide suggestions for vocabulary and grammatical improvements. It also checks for consistency, for example, if you consistently use the Oxford comma or misspell certain words.

The cost of Grammarly Premium starts at $30 per month, but you can save money by purchasing it on an annual basis. A quarterly subscription is also available. A free plan is also available for students and teachers, although it does not include all of the premium features.


Grammarly is available via a web browser extension and as an app. It’s also compatible with many popular programs, including Microsoft Word and Outlook.

The program’s interface is clean and straightforward. It includes a search bar, document upload and download options, and a settings menu. The latter offers several customization features, such as personal dictionary, language preference, and account details.

A notable feature is Grammarly’s plagiarism checker, which scans over 16 billion websites to ensure your content is original. The software will also identify overused phrases and suggest synonyms to help you avoid repetition.

However, despite its impressive features, Grammarly should not be used as a replacement for a human editor. English has flexible grammar rules and storytelling elements are highly contextual, so it’s impossible for an AI tool to catch everything. Moreover, a person will have better knowledge of their audience and writing style. Thus, they can spot errors that a computer cannot. Nevertheless, it is a great tool to have.


Grammarly is an excellent writing tool for checking spelling and grammatical errors. It also offers suggestions for better word choice and helps with sentence length. However, it does not catch all errors and is not a replacement for human proofreading or editing.

The software uses encryption and firewalls to protect your data and adheres to GDPR guidelines when it comes to privacy. However, it still has a few minor issues. For example, it stores your work on its servers and may share it with third parties for research or marketing purposes.

Research has shown that Grammarly can help students improve their writing by catching many types of mistakes. However, some students might find the feedback overwhelming or inaccurate. Koltovskaia (2020) reported that one student in her study gave up on using Grammarly because the program often flagged incorrect corrections that didn’t match her understanding of English grammar rules. Other students might feel discouraged by the number of errors Grammarly finds and lose their motivation to develop their language, persist towards a degree, or make social connections in their second language.