Grammarly Vs Wordpad – Which Grammar Checker is Best?

Grammarly Vs Wordpad

Grammarly is an AI-powered grammar checker that helps improve writing skills. It’s a popular tool for writers and students.

Microsoft Word is a popular word processor used by many people. It’s familiar to users and has intuitive controls.

Grammarly can run in Word as an add-in, providing additional proofreading features. This is a great option for users who need a better spell check and grammar checker than Word’s own.


Grammarly is a top-tier proofreading tool that corrects spelling, grammar, and style mistakes across all platforms. It’s a free application that can be installed on any computer.

It integrates directly with Microsoft Word and Outlook, but it also works as a browser extension that can be used on any web app or website. It’s compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

It’s a good choice for people who want to check their writing on the go. It’s easy to use, and you don’t have to transfer your content into an online editor every time you need to proofread it.


Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar checking tools in the world. Millions of students and professionals use it to improve their writing skills and communication abilities.

It works as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. It also includes a plugin for Word and Outlook to provide real-time corrections while you type.

The free version only does a few checks, while the premium edition has more in-depth grammar and spelling checks. It’s still a good option for people who only need basic grammar and spelling checks, or if you just want to save time by not having to hire a human editor.

Grammarly’s biggest advantage is its ability to help you write with confidence and accuracy. It helps you avoid embarrassing mistakes and learn tidbits of grammar that may have been unknown to you before.


Grammarly is a great tool for checking spelling errors and misused punctuation in your writing. Using an AI-powered assistant, it can fix mistakes as you write or run through the entire document at the end to make sure no errors have been missed.

It also provides a range of useful writing enhancement tools, including a style guide, a downloadable report and a grammar checker that integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook.

However, it’s worth mentioning that a premium version of Grammarly can be a bit pricey at $30 a month. But if you’re a serious writer, this can be a good investment.

Grammarly has a sophisticated system that recognizes your unique writing style and adapts to it. The tool can adjust suggestions based on your audience, domain and intent.


Grammarly is a dedicated grammar checker that uses advanced AI to correct errors and mistakes in real time via the cloud. It is a good choice for writers who want to improve their writing skills and avoid common grammar errors.

Grammarly offers a web editor, Chrome extension, Firefox and Edge counterparts, desktop apps for Windows and Mac, as well as a Word plug-in. It also offers a mobile keyboard app for Android and iPhone.

The free version can detect basic grammar and spelling errors through real-time AI error detection. It also offers tone and conciseness checks to make your writing more polished and engaging.

Premium users get extra features such as sentence structure suggestions and a plagiarism detector. In addition, they can set goals for their writing style. This will help them to write in a particular tone that is suitable for the audience.