Hemingway Vs Grammarly

Hemingway Vs Grammarly

If you’re looking for a free writing tool that can check your grammar and find typos, Hemingway is a better option than Grammarly. Its inbuilt editor will also give you feedback on your style and writing. This can help you improve your writing style. Hemingway is also much better for non-native speakers of English. However, there are some important differences between the two writing tools.

Hemingway’s inbuilt editor makes writing more efficient

The inbuilt editor in Hemingway is a great feature that makes writing easier and more efficient. It analyzes your writing and highlights areas for improvement. It is particularly helpful for those who want to avoid passive voice and adverbs in their writing. It also lets you add formatting and other writing elements as you write. However, it has some drawbacks. First, it highlights errors, especially if you use overused adverbs. You can also turn the editor off if you are finished writing.

The inbuilt editor is easy to use. Its clean design makes it easy to navigate. The editor can be found on the homepage, and you can toggle between distraction-free and full mode to fix any error in one go. In addition, Hemingway also evaluates your writing and gives you a readability score.


The Hemingway Auto-Thesaurus is a tool that will give you the best synonyms for every word you use in your writing. This software is easy to use, and is designed to give you accurate results. It uses a precalculated dataset to produce high-quality results. The app’s user interface is easy to navigate, and you can toggle between distraction-free and full editing mode to correct all your errors in one step. This program will also analyze your writing and provide a readability score.

The main goal of Hemingway is to help you write shorter sentences. It can help you eliminate adverbs and passive voice, which can lead to a confusing sentence. Moreover, Hemingway features an inbuilt editor that can add formatting and other writing elements to your text. It can also help you avoid red marks on your text, which can be distracting. If you feel that it is unnecessary, you can turn it off when you are finished writing.

Splitting or simplifying yellow highlighted sentences

If you notice your sentences are too long and difficult to understand, you should try to split or simplify them. This can help you improve your writing and make it clearer. You can split or simplify yellow highlighted sentences on Grammarly by using the toolbar or composing a new sentence.

Grammarly has an excellent knowledge base to help you correct any errors you have. It also provides suggestions based on the context of your sentence. This will help it understand your audience, style, and emotion. It also offers tutorials and examples on how to fix mistakes. But before you use the grammar checking tool, make sure to read the rules.

Another helpful feature is the Hemingway editor, which analyzes your content and suggests ways to improve your sentences. The Hemingway editor highlights complex or long sentences that could cause a reader to get confused. It also identifies weak words and weak language.


Both Grammarly and Hemingway offer various features to improve your writing, but there are some differences between the two. Grammarly’s primary goal is to fix common grammar mistakes and eliminate ambiguous words, while Hemingway focuses on correcting more complex errors. In addition, Hemingway highlights mistakes that you may not even notice, like passive voice. Grammarly also helps you reduce redundancy and improve word flow and sentence structure.

Grammarly is a reliable proofreading tool that allows you to create your own personal dictionary, and Hemingway is more suitable for aspiring authors. Both services are able to double as plagiarism checkers. The grammar checker and plagiarism detector feature of Grammarly aren’t flawless, but they will improve with time.


There are a few differences between Hemingway and Grammarly, but both aim to improve your writing. For instance, Hemingway targets passive voice and adverbs, offering suggestions for simpler, more straightforward words and phrases. The app also includes a text editor that allows you to bold, italicize, and add headings to your articles. You can also use the free writing mode to write without receiving corrections.

Grammarly helps you set a goal for your writing, so that it can customize its changes to reflect your audience, style, and emotion. You can also choose between the General, Expert, or Creative writing styles. Depending on your goals, you can choose a different tone for your writing, such as formal, casual, or technical. You can also use the Editor to search your documents and see how your work is doing. Grammarly’s performance score box shows statistics such as word count, grammar mistakes, speaking time, and reading time.