Its Vs Its Grammarly Review

Its Vs It39s Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing tool that checks your grammar, spelling and plagiarism. It also helps you create a style guide and write better.

The app and browser plugin check your emails, social media posts and anywhere else you write online on the go. It also includes an intelligent keyboard to help you type faster.

What is Its?

Grammarly is a software-based product that aims to improve your English writing. Using an AI, it scans your text for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

It also corrects passive voice, diction, and style. While it’s not a substitute for a human editor, it can help you write better, and eliminate many common errors.

However, the tool can still make a mistake from time to time. This is why it’s important to use your judgment and ignore suggestions if they don’t apply to your writing.

Grammarly has a variety of free apps to check your text, including the web-based version and desktop versions for Mac and Windows. It’s also available as a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on Apple devices and Microsoft Edge on PCs.

When to Use Its

Its and its’ are two of the most frequently confused words in English. They sound the same and they only differ in one tiny way: an apostrophe.

Grammarly is a great tool for checking your writing and it can point out a lot of errors. However, you should check it out yourself before relying on the software.

Aside from grammar and spelling, it also has tone detection features that are very helpful. Moreover, it can also improve your writing by giving you tips to write clearer and concise.

Grammarly is a freemium platform, so you can try it out for as long as you like. It has a few limitations (it doesn’t work in all websites and writing platforms), but it is an incredibly useful tool. It eliminates at least 65-70% of your mistakes. You can even add new words you use often to its dictionary for easy identification.

When to Use It’s

It’s (with an apostrophe) is a contraction meaning it is or it has. It is similar to the contractions there’s and where’s, which use an apostrophe to signal that two words have been combined into one word.

Its is a possessive noun that denotes ownership of something. Like his or her, it can also be used as a determiner, referring to the thing or person that owns something.

When you use its, it’s important to follow the same conventions for possession as other possessive nouns. For example, it’s not a good idea to say, “The bird is in its house,” as this doesn’t make sense.

Grammarly can spot basic spelling and grammar mistakes, but it goes beyond the built-in tools of word processors. It can fix complex grammar and punctuation issues, suggest better word choice, and help you streamline and rewrite sentences to improve your writing.

How to Use It’s

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that corrects your writing in real-time. It uses machine learning to learn from you and improve over time.

The software works in a variety of ways, including on your phone, computer, and browser. It includes a browser extension and an app for Microsoft Word and Outlook.

It also has an AI-powered writing assistant that can scan your text and suggest fixes and changes to improve your grammar. It provides explanations for each issue it identifies, and specific wording alternatives are available in some cases.

Grammarly also offers a report you can send to your editor, providing word count, character count and other readability metrics. This is useful for email and other short-form work, but I found it to be less helpful for longer documents.