Microsoft Editor Vs Grammarly

Editor Vs Grammarly

If you want a more thorough grammar checker that also corrects style issues, then Grammarly is the better option. It’s more expensive but it allows you to set your writing goals and will offer suggestions accordingly. It has a web editor, browser extensions for Edge and Chrome, and apps for Mac and Windows.


Grammarly is a premium writing tool that is more extensive than the built-in spelling and grammar checker in Microsoft Word. It can be used as a standalone program, an add-in for Word, and as a browser extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It offers more comprehensive and nuanced feedback than the built-in spelling and grammar checker, and it is designed to work where you do. It recognizes that an email to your boss isn’t the same as a text message to your best friend, and it adjusts its suggestions accordingly.

The Grammarly app scans your documents and emails for errors in grammar, style, and tone. It also detects plagiarism and offers suggestions for citations. It can even rewrite sentences to improve their clarity and flow. Its generative AI engine understands the context of your writing, so it can offer suggestions that are more accurate than those offered by Microsoft Editor.

However, it is important to note that Grammarly is not perfect. It can misinterpret some creative prose and it may not catch every error. Still, it can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes and learn a few tidbits of grammar along the way. It can also motivate you to continue improving your writing skills by providing regular feedback on your activity, mastery, and vocabulary.

Microsoft Editor

With Grammarly, you get a sophisticated grammar checker that helps with spelling and grammar. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to understand the rules and hidden patterns in good writing. It also learns from its users. When a user flags a specific suggestion as incorrect, the program takes note of it and adjusts its algorithms accordingly.

Grammarly’s algorithms are based on large text corpora (a huge collection of sentences that have been organized and labeled by researchers) as well as feedback from human editors. This allows it to provide accurate and helpful corrections. Its vocabulary and style suggestions are based on the context of your writing, ensuring that you sound natural and professional.

The premium version of Grammarly offers additional features, including sentence structure analysis and a plagiarism checker. It can also identify your tone, which is important in ensuring that your writing is appropriate for the intended audience. It also makes a point to identify your goal, whether it is to inform, persuade, or entertain.

Grammarly’s versatility is one of its strongest points. It works with multiple platforms and integrates into Microsoft Word. It’s also available as a Chrome extension and a mobile keyboard. Its main disadvantage is that it only supports English, which limits its reach to 7.5 billion people around the world.


Grammarly and Microsoft Editor are both great tools for improving the quality of your writing. Both software programs have their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to decide which one is right for you. Microsoft Editor is more affordable and comes included with Office 365 subscriptions, while Grammarly is more expensive but offers more features.

In addition to grammar and spelling checks, Grammarly also suggests changes to your document’s tone, style, vocabulary, and readability. It can also detect plagiarism by comparing your document to other documents on the web. However, it is important to note that Grammarly does not catch all instances of plagiarism.

Another issue with Grammarly is that it doesn’t always understand how to interpret certain phrases. For example, it often confuses a subjective adjective with a preposition or misunderstands complex sentence structures. Finally, it is important to note that while Grammarly can improve your writing, it cannot replace a professional proofreader or copy editor. Although it performs many of the same functions as these professionals, it lacks the knowledge and in-depth understanding of language that makes them so valuable.