Outwrite Vs Grammarly – Which Writing Assistant is Right For You?

Grammarly is an AI-based writing assistant that detects and corrects errors in your email, web pages, social media posts, and academic papers.

Its plagiarism checker lets you find duplicate content and boost your search engine ranking.

It also offers style checks that identify cliches, passive voice, and other writing mistakes.


Grammarly and Outwrite are both excellent writing tools that will help you polish your text to ensure it reads well and is easy for your readers to understand. However, each offers different features that make them stand out from the crowd.

Grammarly is a multi-lingual, AI writing assistant that checks your email, web pages, social media posts, and academic papers for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Its real-time suggestions and automated corrections catch over 400 writing mistakes and make your content easier to read.

Outwrite is an affordable paraphrasing tool that rewrites sentences to improve style and readability. It catches spelling and grammar mistakes, helps correct sentence structure, and makes your writing more concise by suggesting synonyms for repetitive words.

It also has a plagiarism checker that lets you scan your document for plagiarism and replace any plagiarized material with original content. The free plan allows for five plagiarism checks per month, but the Pro plan gives you unlimited plagiarism checks.


Grammarly is a great writing assistant that can help you improve your writing in a number of ways. It offers a free version, premium plans, and business plans, and it’s available for web and mobile apps.

The premium plan includes plagiarism checking, expanded functionality, and a team plan. It’s a good choice if you’re a professional writer or need to access advanced features.

In addition, Grammarly has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that shows grammatical errors as you type. This feature is especially useful if you’re on the go.

While Grammarly sticks to grammar corrections, Outwrite focuses on paraphrasing and rewriting goals. This makes it a better option for freelance writers, authors, and website publishers who are looking to polish their writing style and make their work easier to read.


Usability is one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a writing tool. It is crucial to find a tool that you can easily integrate with your workflow.

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that checks for errors and mistakes in real time as you type, without the need to copy and paste. It offers a variety of features and integrations, including a Google Docs extension and an add-on for MS Office and Outlook.

It also provides style suggestions and a tone detection tool to help you write better. In addition, it has a readability analysis feature to help you create content that is easy to understand.


While both Grammarly and Outwrite have their strengths, you have to consider your needs before selecting one over the other. If you’re a business owner or freelancer, Outwrite might be the best fit for your writing style and content creation goals.

Grammarly on the other hand has all the features you’d expect from a top-notch writing assistant. Aside from real-time suggestions and automated correction of grammatical errors, it also has a well-designed interface that is easy to navigate. It’s even got an add-on that integrates with popular social media platforms, email clients, and office suites.

Grammarly and Outwrite both have their strengths, but the former is the best choice for your writing needs. It has the best features for its price point, is available in multiple languages, and can be integrated with a host of other apps and services. Its most notable feature is its ability to detect and correct spelling and grammatical errors on the fly.