Perfectit Vs Grammarly

Grammarly is a grammar checking software that can correct spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. It also detects consistency issues and provides best-practice suggestions. It is available for desktop computers and mobile devices and comes with a free trial version.

The paid version includes more advanced checks for consistency, readability, and style. It also offers a team plan for businesses that helps them create a house style guide.


Grammarly has exploded in popularity over the past few years. It has a number of advantages over other writing tools, including its ability to correct grammatical errors quickly and effectively. It also offers a number of educational resources and is available in many languages.

It has a user-friendly interface and can be used on any platform, including Microsoft Word, Gmail, and other email programs. It can be installed as a browser extension and will check your work in real time. It also includes a customizable dictionary and the ability to add new words. This feature is particularly useful for bloggers who frequently use brand names, slang, or abbreviations.

Some users have expressed concern over the privacy of their data, but Grammarly states that it does not collect or share user information. It also does not have access to sensitive information entered in password input fields. Some users may find the tool to be too intrusive or overly restrictive in its suggestions and corrections.


Unlike Grammarly, PerfectIt offers a more holistic first-pass edit of documents. Its focuses on spelling errors and consistent spelling, punctuation, and capitalization in tables, lists, and paragraphs. This unique feature makes it a good choice for legal writers and editors who produce white papers and technical documents.

It also checks for consistency in capitalization of words and phrases, including proper names and business terms. This consistency is often overlooked by spell checkers and can create a sense of sloppiness in documents. It can also be set to check for house capitalization rules to ensure that your brand’s style guide is followed.

The tool is not a replacement for a professional editor or proofreader, but it can save you time by locating errors that grammar and spell checkers miss. It is available for Microsoft Word and offers a cloud version that works on Mac, PC, and iPad. Its pricing is also reasonable, with a quarterly plan costing $60 and a yearly plan at $140.


WordRake is a writing software program that helps you improve your grammar. It checks spelling, tense, word usage, repetitive words, dull verbs, capitalization, subject-verb agreement, and more. It also offers a comprehensive dictionary and can help you learn the meaning of words. It can be used on any device and supports multiple languages.

It has some advantages and disadvantages compared to other grammar checking programs. Its biggest drawback is that it does not detect grammatical errors in dialogue and slang. Also, it cannot detect plagiarism in documents. It is a good choice for people who want to correct simple grammatical mistakes and do not need to check for readability or style.

It can be used on Mac, PC, and iPad. It also offers a cloud version that is compatible with Microsoft Office. Its interface is intuitive and allows you to customize your preferences. You can even use the software to check your work on mobile devices. It can be a great choice for professional writers who need to produce high-quality documents.


WriteCheck is a writing tool that corrects a variety of grammar errors. It offers multiple options for feeding your text content to the editor, such as uploading a document or typing it directly in the program. Its grammatical checks include sentence structure, verb usage, and style consistency. It also catches inconsistencies in word division and hyphenation. For example, it can determine whether to use a hyphen or an en dash in a sentence.

It also provides suggestions for sentence rewriting and vocabulary improvement. It also has a unique plagiarism check, which compares your writing with billions of online materials to detect duplicate content. This feature is especially useful for students and teachers to make sure that their work is original.

Like Grammarly, PerfectIt has a variety of features that fix writing inconsistencies and errors. Its proofreading engine checks for spelling, grammatical mistakes, sentence structure, readability issues, and even plagiarism. It also includes a dictionary and a guide to help you understand all its features. Its compatibility with popular email applications makes it easy to use.