Pillorian Review – “A Stygian Pyre”

In the tradition of dark metal, PILLORIAN has been a central factor in the genre’s revival. Their music has replaced the sluggish build of dread with a breakneck shredding and obsession with nature. It is a band that has become increasingly popular as time goes by. This review focuses on their newest album, “A Stygian Pyre.”

Obsidian Arc

The progressive black metal band Pillorian is a good example of a band that has adapted the progressive black metal style, while still retaining a distinctly primitive sound. While their music is similar to that of Barshasketh, they bring something entirely new to the table that would have been hard to find in the new year. Obsidian Arc features high instrumentation, song sections that are methodically diversified, and elements that are tempered to reflect cohesion. This is an excellent album to kick start your new year with quality black metal.

While Obsidian Arc’s music isn’t particularly innovative, the band’s ability to create an atmospheric atmosphere is an asset. The opening track, “A Stygian Pyre,” is perhaps the band’s most ambitious piece. It’s a dark, sombre album, with influences from Agalloch, The Mantle, and Forged Iron Crucible.

Jon Haughm’s new band

Pillorian is the latest black metal project from former Agalloch vocalist Jon Haughm. It draws on influences from progressive rock legends such as King Crimson, Genesis and Rush, as well as solo guitar ambient works. But, as with most debut albums, Pillorian’s debut is disappointingly mediocre. Here’s why:

Jon Haughm – formerly of Agalloch – is a talented musician. The voice of the band has been described as an intense metronome. The band’s music has a traditional black metal sound, but it is tempered with elements of folk. This new band will draw from both worlds. And, of course, it will be influenced by Agalloch’s sound.

The group’s first single, “A Stygian Pyre,” is already available for pre-order. The single is out on February 10 and is available through Dammerung Arts and Eisenwald in Europe. Both of these labels will release the album on March 10.

“A Stygian Pyre”

Pillorian are back with a new single, “A Stygian Pyre.” The track comes from the band’s debut album, Obsidian Arc, which will be out on March 10th. It will be available on DigiCD, LP and digital formats, and it will feature an exclusive b-side track. Check out the video for the song below, and be sure to pre-order the record!

Pillorian’s first single, “A Stygian Pyre,” has a dark energy that pulsates through the music. Their vocals resemblance to that of Agalloch’s, but lack the reserved air of Agalloch. They’re faster, more thrashy, and feature Haughm’s raspy vocals. And while they’re still reminiscent of his solo work, the band’s melodic lines seem more mature and powerful.

Album review

Pillorian’s debut album begins with a thick guitar riff and drumbeat, before the album quickly transitions into more aggressive tones. Guitar rhythms smack the listener’s bowls, while the vocals grow louder and more aggressive. The tempo picks up as the album progresses, but Pillorian’s approach is still reminiscent of John’s past work with Pale Folklore. The album’s acoustic guitar tone contrasts with blaring drumming, and the sonics often shift back and forth between the two.

While Pillorian is not as accomplished as Agalloch, they show a lot of promise. The songs are more varied than their predecessors, displaying the band’s experience and good song structures. The climactic riffs in “Archaen Divinity” and “The Vestige Of Thorns” are a welcome change of pace from the band’s Doom influences. The melodic parts are well-placed, too.

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