Pro Writing Aid Vs Grammarly

Pro Writing Aid Vs Grammarly

In this Pro Writing Aid Vs Grammarly comparison article, I’m going to compare both grammar checkers. You’ll see that each of them offers different features and benefits, which are important for your writing process. Then, you can decide which one’s best for you. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have a clearer idea of which to use.


ProWritingAid has an interface that is not nearly as straightforward as Grammarly’s. While the errors are easily visible on the left side of the screen, the suggestion box is hidden behind a tab labeled “Improvements.” This makes the process more cumbersome. Fortunately, you can use the free trial to test out Grammarly and see how accurate it is for your writing style. If you’d like to see more detailed reports, you can also purchase a premium plan.

While ProWritingAid can also check grammar and spelling mistakes, Grammarly offers a more comprehensive set of features. In addition to highlighting common errors, it also suggests ways to improve your style and vocabulary. Grammarly is great for non-fiction and fictional writing, while ProWritingAid focuses on editing your writing style and correcting basic errors. However, both ProWritingAid and Grammarly offer a free version that’s limited.

Grammarly is the more affordable option, but there are limitations with the free version. Premium users will be able to access additional features, including genre-specific suggestions and plagiarism checker. Grammarly Premium is also available on the web, so you can use it on your computer and mobile devices.

ProWritingAid comes with a Chrome plugin, but it lacks the clean interface of Grammarly. Its editor is also not as user-friendly as Grammarly’s. The free version has limited functionality, but it does provide useful suggestions for improving your writing style.


Grammarly is a great tool to check grammar mistakes in your writing, while Pro Writing Aid is better at helping with reports. Both tools have their advantages and disadvantages. Both offer a clean and well-designed interface, but Grammarly is more accurate. While Pro Writing Aid may be a better choice for fiction writers, Grammarly is the better option for nonfiction writers.

Premium versions of both tools come with added features. Grammarly Premium has a plagiarism checker and advanced genre suggestions. However, Grammarly free has some limited features. The free version doesn’t do much for writers who want to check their writing, but it’s still worth trying out.

While both grammar checkers offer some useful features, they cannot replace human editors. A recent survey of 162 U.S. marketing officials shows that grammar checkers save time and improve productivity. Both programs can highlight spelling mistakes and correct missing hyphens. However, they can’t replace a human editor, which is why it is important to use a human editor to check your work.

Pro Writing Aid offers more advanced features than Grammarly, including more reports and a user-friendly interface. Grammarly can detect and correct most grammatical errors, while Pro Writing Aid detects fewer errors, although its suggestions are more accurate than most other grammar checkers.


Both Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid provide tools for grammar and plagiarism check. Both can help writers make their text more appealing and easy to read. Grammarly’s free version has limited features, while the paid version offers more advanced tools. Depending on the usage, the paid version costs anywhere from 30$ monthly to $135 per year. Both Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid are available for download in both free and paid versions, and both can be used to improve their writing.

Pro Writing Aid is a web-based application that has a distraction-free writing mode, with checks for passive voice, wordiness, and complex sentences. Hemingway Editor offers basic formatting, such as headings and bold text. It also includes a feature called “tone detection” that automatically detects if the text is grammatically correct. Hemingway Editor can be used with Microsoft Word, as well as in WordPress.

Pro Writing Aid is more comprehensive than Grammarly, providing a range of features and functions that help writers improve their writing. It also offers in-text highlights to provide feedback on your writing. ProWritingAid focuses on readability and offers suggestions based on its analysis of your writing. The software also comes with a writing mentor and over 20 free reports.

While Grammarly has many benefits, the paid version has a number of restrictions. In addition to limiting your ability to use its premium features, Grammarly is also more expensive than Hemingway Editor, and it also limits your writing skills.