Prowriting Aid Vs Grammarly

Grammarly is an effective grammar checker that catches mistakes like wordiness, misplaced punctuation marks, overused words, and identifies voice and tone. It also helps users with style suggestions.

It integrates quickly with different platforms and works with websites, emails, and Microsoft Word. It even has a mobile application and desktop version.

Real-time Suggestions

Grammarly is a popular writing assistant that offers human-like feedback after scanning your content. Its features include a grammatical check, context analysis, passive voice identification, and tone detection. It also provides recommendations for correcting your errors and improving your writing style. Its plugin works with WordPress, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other platforms.

It can identify grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and wrong vocabulary use. It can also detect tone, ensuring that your text matches the intended audience and purpose. It will also tell you whether your text sounds casual, formal, confident, or worried.

Both ProWritingAid and Grammarly offer real-time suggestions for your writing. However, ProWritingAid is less expensive than Grammarly and has a better interface. The software is perfect for online writing, such as blog posts and social media updates. It is also useful for business writing, including marketing copy and email. It can also help you find errors in longer documents like reports and presentations.


Grammarly offers a wide range of integrations that allow you to easily check your writing across different platforms. It works with web applications, browsers, apps, and more. It also has a Google Chrome plugin, Windows desktop software, and a mobile keyboard for Android devices. Its premium plan includes a lifetime subscription and offers more features than other grammar checkers.

It detects a range of errors and provides suggestions for corrections. It can also identify plagiarism and determine the tone of your content. Its interface is easy to use and user-friendly. However, it can be clunky at times.

ProWritingAid is a great grammar checker that is easy to use and has a friendly interface. Its pricing is also reasonable, and it comes with a free trial and student discount. Its features are comparable to those of Grammarly, but it has a few differences. For example, it can identify more grammatical errors and offer more suggestions for improvement. It also offers a more detailed report than its competitor.


Grammarly pricing is a little more expensive than ProWritingAid, but it’s still more cost-effective than many other proofreading tools. It also works with more websites than any other grammar tool and offers indirect cloud storage of documents. It has a Windows and Mac desktop application, as well as Chrome extensions and a web browser plugin.

Both Grammarly and ProWriting Aid offer free versions of their software that give you access to basic grammar suggestions. Both have plugins that work with Google Docs, Word, and Scrivener apps. They also have Chrome add-ons and keyboards for Android phones.

Both software tools have a similar interface and both allow you to correct common errors in your writing. However, Prowriting Aid’s is less clunky and more intuitive than Grammarly’s. ProwritingAid also has a more comprehensive set of editing features, including plagiarism checks, than Grammarly. It also doesn’t impose a limit on the number of documents or words you can check per month.


Grammarly and ProWritingAid offer different types of editing services. Although both programs have a similar approach to checking writing errors, each has its own quirks in accuracy. For instance, the apps may flag different unknown words or suggest a word that is not in your vocabulary. They also differ in their reporting capabilities. While Grammarly provides surface-level reports, ProWritingAid offers more detailed analyses of your content, including sentence length, pacing, and consistency.

Both software platforms have dedicated support teams to help you with any issues you might encounter. In addition, they both offer online documentation and a knowledge base for their users to find answers to commonly asked questions. However, Grammarly’s support team is better equipped to respond to your queries than ProWritingAid’s. They are available to help you with technical issues via email and phone, and their support center is extensive. This makes it easier to get the answers you need. Additionally, they offer team plans for businesses.