Readable Vs Grammarly – How Does Grammarly Compare To Readable?

Readable Vs Grammarly

Grammarly offers many amazing tools to help writers improve their writing. The app is like a second pair of eyes that never gets tired.

It looks at sentence length, syllable count, and complexity to determine the readability of your document. It also offers suggestions to simplify your sentences and find replacement words.


Grammarly’s main feature is its readability score, which provides a measure of how easy your text will be for an average reader to understand. It also has a number of other features, like vocabulary improvement and plagiarism detection.

Another notable feature is its ability to recognize complex words and phrases and recommend alternatives that are more simple. It will also suggest removing redundant words and replacing them with more concise ones. It will even flag overused words and homonyms.

It will also help you write more clearly by recommending that you use personal language, avoiding third-person pronouns, and correcting sentence structure. It will also analyze your sentence length to ensure that it is varied enough to keep readers engaged.


Grammarly and Readable offer a free version as well as pro/premium versions. They also have extensions and apps for desktop and mobile devices. They both offer a comprehensive list of writing errors and suggestions for corrections.

Grammarly has a premium edition that costs $12 a month or $144 a year. It includes additional features such as vocabulary enhancement and lively sentence structure. It can also correct issues with tone and writing style consistency.

It can categorize your content according to the audience you’re targeting. It can also suggest ways to improve your readability score by suggesting shorter sentences or changing complex words for more familiar ones.

It can also help you identify if your writing is informal or formal, which is helpful for business communication. It will also flag if your writing is impolite or weak and recommend changes to make it more professional. This is a great tool to have for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

Overall Score

When it comes to writing, readability is an important factor that influences how easily readers can understand a piece of content. Grammarly provides a readability score that analyzes your text and determines how easy it is for readers to comprehend. The score takes into account things like sentence length, vocabulary, and word choice. It also considers the target audience and purpose of your content.

Other readability scores use a variety of different formulas to determine the reading level of your content. However, these formulas aren’t foolproof and may not accurately represent your content.

With the average attention span of a reader being only a few seconds, readability is essential in keeping your readers engaged with your content. Grammarly’s readability feature can help you improve the clarity of your writing and keep your readers interested in your content. It can also highlight long sentences, hard words, and other issues that may prevent readers from understanding your content.


Grammarly is a powerful tool that improves your writing, prevents embarrassing mistakes and helps you learn tidbits of grammar you might not have known before. It can even catch some of the ‘unwritten rules’ of grammar that can confuse readers and distract from your message. This includes things like the varying levels of formality in your document and the tone that you’re using. You can adjust the settings to help Grammarly understand your intent and audience, which will affect what it flags for correction.

Another useful feature is the sentence length check. It will help you avoid too many long sentences that are difficult for readers to read. It will also suggest ways to improve sentence variety, which is important for keeping readers engaged and improving your SEO. Ginger has a similar feature but it’s less comprehensive in terms of what it can detect.