Sapling Vs Grammarly – Is Sapling Better Than Grammarly?

Sapling Vs Grammarly

Sapling is one of the best Grammarly alternatives, but it’s also expensive. The basic plan is $25 per month, but the premium version costs more.

Another option is PaperRater, which offers more robust suggestions for grammar and plagiarism than Grammarly. The software is available as a desktop application, a browser extension, and a mobile app. It even includes a Flesch reading score.


Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar-checking tools on the market. It catches basic errors and can even detect plagiarism in your writing. It also offers advanced features like engagement, clarity, and delivery. Its pricing structure is cost-effective for teams, with plans starting at $15 per month. Other grammar-checking apps, such as Ginger and Hemingway, are less expensive.

Sapling is an AI writing assistant for customer-facing teams. It works on top of CRMs and messaging platforms to help support, sales, and success teams compose clear messages and emails for their customers. It also provides snippets and autocomplete for faster typing.

There are many grammar-checking tools on the market, but not all of them are made equal. Many of them have a free version, while others require a subscription to use their full features. Some of them even have a premium version that includes more advanced corrections and explains why the suggestions are correct or incorrect.

Feature set

One of the key features of Grammarly is that it can detect errors in your writing that you may have overlooked. It can also help you improve your vocabulary by providing suggestions for synonyms and analyzing your word choice. It can also identify your tone and the type of text you are writing, helping you write more effectively for your audience.

While Sapling is similar to Grammarly, it has a few important differences. For instance, it is optimized for customer service and works seamlessly with CRM and messaging platforms. It can automatically check and edit documents in real time. It can even help you avoid embarrassing typos in chat conversations with customers.

Grammarly is a popular grammar checking tool that offers a premium version for businesses. It can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, as well as on mobile devices. It also integrates with Microsoft Office and Gmail, and offers a free browser extension.


In general, both Grammarly and Sapling have many features that can improve your writing. However, there are some things they both lack that make them not the best choice for every writer. Hemingway, for instance, is a better tool for beginners as it doesn’t require an expensive subscription.

It works as a Chrome extension, desktop, and mobile app that helps you write clearly. It also supports multiple languages. Its features include a grammar checker, vocabulary builder, proofreading tool, and an e-book creator. It can also help you optimize the readability of your work by analyzing its Flesch reading score.

Sapling’s AI technology is always learning and improving, so it can catch 60% more errors than other grammar checkers. It can also detect inconsistent usage and tone and provide suggestions for corrections. It offers a free plan for individuals and a business version with snippets, templates, autocomplete everywhere, and a brand style guide. Its quality scoring and error reports can also help managers spot coaching opportunities and improve their teams’ writing quality over time.


The two products are quite different, but the answer to which one is best for you depends on your needs. Hemingway is more of a copy-editing software that helps to make your content clearer and more impactful. Grammarly is a grammar checking software that corrects spelling mistakes and detects plagiarism in writing.

Grammarly also has a premium version that offers additional features, such as vocabulary suggestions and sentence rewrites. It is available as a web app and desktop extension. It is a popular choice among writers because of its accuracy and extensive functionality.

Sapling is focused on improving customer interactions, and it integrates with CRMs and messaging platforms to offer real-time writing suggestions. It collects metrics on written communication and can flag repeated issues for managers to review. It is a great option for teams that need to improve their writing skills.

However, it doesn’t help with business reporting or non-sales and non-support emails. Its limited language suggestions may not be enough for some writers, and it isn’t as comprehensive as Grammarly.