Scribbr Vs Grammarly

Grammarly is well-rounded proofreading software that also offers a robust plagiarism checker. It excels in checking content that is freely available online and it can pinpoint missing citations. It also features a happiness guarantee and responsive live support.

The plagiarism detection algorithm works by breaking the document down into chunks and comparing them against its sources. It can also be configured to exclude properly-cited text, reducing the likelihood of false positives.


Grammarly has a number of grammar-checking features that help users step up their writing game. It helps them correct a wide range of errors in their content and makes suggestions for improvement. It also analyzes sentence structure, identifies overused words, and detects plagiarism.

Its plagiarism detection feature compares your content to billions of web pages and academic papers stored in ProQuest databases. If any portion of your text matches existing content, you’ll get an alert. The tool performs exceptionally well for various source types, including journals and dissertations.

Scribbr is a valuable option for students and researchers who want to improve the quality of their essays, research articles, and other documents. Its editing services ensure that your work adheres to the rigorous standards of academic journals. It offers a variety of pricing options, including a monthly subscription and an annual plan that saves you money compared to the monthly price. It also offers a money-back guarantee and responsive customer support.


Grammarly is one of the best tools for proofreading and editing. It is able to correct a wide range of grammar errors, including sentence structure and word usage. It can also help you with punctuation and vocabulary. It can even identify adverb usage and weak adjectives.

It can also find plagiarism in your text. The program compares your writing with billions of web pages and academic papers in its databases to detect any content duplication. It will also tell you the percentage of plagiarized content and provide a list of the exact source.

Grammarly has apps for Windows and macOS, as well as browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It also offers a subscription that includes a full suite of grammar and writing assistant features, including a plagiarism checker. It can be used by individuals and organizations alike. The software does not share or sell your documents, and it has an extensive knowledge base with tips, tutorials, and FAQs.


Grammarly is a comprehensive online writing tool that can help you write better, check plagiarism and correct spelling mistakes. It offers an extensive database of existing content and is easy to use. Its premium version also comes with a plagiarism detector that compares your document to other existing sources.

Scribbr is a great tool for academic writers, including students. Its editors are knowledgeable about the nuances of academic writing and can help you refine your work. They can also provide feedback on clarity, coherence and tone. However, the price tag can be prohibitive for some users.

Scribbr’s plagiarism detector compares your text to billions of web pages and academic papers stored in its databases. It flags similar sentences and provides reference information for each source. It also has a robust database of academic journals and books.


Aside from grammar checking, Scribbr’s plagiarism features also help students cite their sources. It has a large database of texts from different websites, books, and journals to detect plagiarism. It also shows similarity percentages and provides links to the original source, making it easy for students to make corrections.

The software also identifies plagiarized sections and highlights them in blue-green. You can click on each alert to jump directly to the section in question. However, if you are a work-from-home freelancer, you should check for plagiarism from other tools as well.

While Scribbr’s plagiarism feature is useful, it may not be as accurate as other tools. For instance, it often fails to catch plagiarism from rephrasing or changing word order. Moreover, it is not as effective at identifying plagiarism when it comes to quotes and references. It also requires a premium subscription to use the plagiarism feature. Nonetheless, its other features make it worth the cost.