Scribbr Vs Grammarly – Which Plagiarism Checker is Right For You?

Whether you are a student writing an essay, a teacher grading papers, or a professional writer creating original content for the web, plagiarism detection is essential. Grammarly’s online plagiarism checker compares your text against billions of websites and academic papers to identify any unoriginal content.

The tool also highlights matching text and offers links to the sources. However, the tool is not foolproof and you should verify your results on a case-by-case basis.


Unlike Turnitin, Grammarly does more than just detect plagiarism. It also offers suggestions and corrections for your writing. This makes it an invaluable tool for anyone who writes content for a living or as part of their job. Its vocabulary enhancement and practical stylistic advice will make you a better writer.

Grammarly is a grammar-checking app that works on desktop computers, iOS and Android devices. Its user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. It underlines errors in your text and provides explanations for each of them. It also suggests ways to improve your sentence structure and clarity.

Its plagiarism checker compares your text against a database of online sources and identifies plagiarized content. Its results are presented in a clear, downloadable report that highlights different sources in different colors. It also helps you correct citation formatting and referencing errors. Moreover, it prevents you from copying and pasting directly from the internet by providing a list of all cited sources.


If you’re looking for a plagiarism tool, Grammarly is an excellent choice. Its plagiarism detector compares your writing to billions of web pages and academic papers. It also includes a feature that lets you exclude properly-cited quotes and references, minimizing false positives. The service is available on iOS, Android, and desktop, and it’s easy to integrate with Google Docs. However, it’s not free and has a few other limitations.

Scribbr’s plagiarism detection algorithm analyzes your document by breaking it into chunks and comparing them with its database sources. It then shows a similarity percentage and highlights any matches. It also allows you to exclude citations and references, reducing the chance of false positives. In addition to its plagiarism detection, Scribbr offers a range of other editing and proofreading features. This makes it an ideal choice for students who need help with writing and want to improve their grammar. In addition, it is a good option for work-from-home freelancers.

Feature set

The plagiarism checker offered by Grammarly is a powerful tool that helps you identify instances of unintentional plagiarism and improve your writing skills. It also helps you find missing citations and ensures that your content is properly attributed. It is easy to use and works on all platforms. You can use it as a standalone app or integrate it with your web editor. Grammarly also offers a free version that you can try.

Unlike other plagiarism detection tools, Grammarly is a language-focused tool and focuses on grammar and clarity rather than on content. Its editing features make it ideal for academic papers, as it can help you improve sentence flow and clarify your arguments.

The tool also identifies overused words, jargon, and delivery. It can also detect the tone of a sentence and highlight it in red or green. It can even identify if sentences are too similar to another source. It also identifies the sources of any matches and allows you to ignore them.


If you’re concerned about the privacy of your academic work, you should read a plagiarism checker’s privacy policies before using it. These policies will inform you of how your data is used and whether it’s shared with other users. It will also explain how your content is protected.

For example, Scribbr’s plagiarism checker works by comparing your document to its database of online sources. Its partnership with Turnitin means that it has a greater ability to detect plagiarism than other free plagiarism checkers on the market.

Its plagiarism detection technology scans billions of websites and academic papers. It highlights matching text and provides a link to the source, making it easy for students to spot plagiarism and make corrections.

Grammarly also does a good job of identifying missing citations. It also helps authors improve clarity and coherence in their writing. It’s a great tool for students and professionals who want to step up their writing game.