SentenceCheckup and Grammarly – Writer Vs Grammarly

Writer Vs Grammarly

Whenever you are writing your own essays, reports or any other type of documents, you will want to make sure that you are doing it correctly. Fortunately, there are many different types of tools that you can use to ensure that you are writing properly.


Whether you are a writer or someone who uses English to communicate, you should be familiar with SentenceCheckup and Grammarly. They are both free online tools that help you to improve your writing. They are also useful in helping you to avoid grammatical errors.

In order to use SentenceCheckup, you need to have an Internet connection and be able to copy and paste your content. You will also need to select your preferred English dialect.

The app also offers a variety of features including suggestions for improving your writing style, spelling, and punctuation. It also checks for plagiarism. The software is available for free on multiple platforms.

It uses AI to deliver text predictions that are relevant to you. It also has a dictionary search bar that allows you to look up the meaning of words.


Whether you are a writer, researcher, or a student, you need a citation tool to help you avoid plagiarism and keep your writing professional. EasyBib is one of the most popular online tools for citing your sources. With a simple signup, you can paste your text into the editor and receive professional feedback.

You can sign up for a free version of EasyBib, or sign up for a premium version to receive more advanced features. Both options work out to about $10 a month.

In the free version, you can use the citation tool. You can also choose to have the tool automatically create a citation or to manually create an in-text citation. The tool also has a plagiarism checker, which scans your paper against billions of sources and highlights any duplicate content.

Google Docs

Whether you’re writing a dissertation, a business letter, or just a letter to a friend, you can use Grammarly to improve your writing. The software works for any browser, and is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You can also install the extension on your desktop.

Grammarly is a spell checker and grammar checker all in one. The software offers a wide variety of features, including the ability to create custom goals. You can choose the tone, style, and intent of your writing. You can also decide whether to accept suggestions, or delete them.

One of the more unique features of Grammarly is the ability to integrate it with other third-party tools. You can install the extension in Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Grammarly also has a free trial version. There are also a variety of subscription options available.

Dabble Writer

Choosing which app to use to write your next novel may not be as hard as you think. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a novice, there is sure to be a tool out there to suit your needs.

One of the better options for this task is the popular software program called Dabble. Dabble is a web-based tool that lets you create, edit, and store your notes on your phone or computer. It also offers some nifty features such as goal setting and tracking word count for your entire project. It is also an easy way to replace stacks of notebooks with one easy-to-manage device.

The best part about this software is that it is inexpensive. A free trial is available, and there are monthly, yearly, and semi-annual plans to choose from. You can also download dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, and iOS.


Whether you’re writing an article, a blog post, or a report, Grammarly can help you improve your writing. This tool helps catch grammar and punctuation errors. It also gives real-time suggestions for fixing mistakes, helping you improve your writing skills.

Grammarly works on a computer, a smartphone, or a browser-based editor. It provides a wide range of writing feedback, ranging from basic grammar errors to plagiarism. It’s also designed to be easy to integrate into other writing apps, such as Google docs and Microsoft Word.

Grammarly’s online editor provides advanced suggestions, letting you set your writing goals and monitor your progress. It also has an add-on for different browsers, which allows you to edit text in real-time. You can also save documents in the cloud.

Grammarly’s web editor also offers a feature that lets you upload documents to check. However, you can’t upload personal documents, and there are safeguards in place to protect your data.