Textio Vs Grammarly – What’s the Difference?

The free plan with Grammarly is quite good for basic grammar checking and spelling correction. The program also detects plagiarism and checks your text against 8 billion web pages. Grammarly claims to find 10 times more mistakes than a word processor. The paid plans cost between $26 and $50 a month.


InstaText is an alternative to Grammarly. It helps you restructure your paragraphs and improve your writing style. It also corrects grammatical errors and makes you feel more confident when you’re writing. With InstaText, you can retain your personal style and language while improving your productivity. Unlike Grammarly, InstaText allows you to specify which combinations of words to keep and which ones to change.

While Grammarly is a good alternative to a traditional grammar checker, InstaText offers more professional help. It suggests changes to improve your text and shows you the changes it recommends. Its interface is easy to use and gives you an instant analysis of your text. It is also free.

InstaText uses artificial intelligence to improve your writing. The result is a text that is written like a native English speaker. While Grammarly focuses on fixing grammatical mistakes, InstaText’s AI technology enriches the content while enhancing the overall quality of the text.


While both software programs work to paraphrase text, there are some differences in their features. The free version of QuillBot offers just three paraphrase modes. Other features include an ad-free editor and word flipper scale. Premium users can also access an analytics tool. Although both services are inexpensive, the premium version costs $7.95 per month and has a variety of premium features.

The QuillBot features a sleek user interface that consists of two text editors side-by-side. The first rewrites text on one side while the second compares it with the original. It also offers numerous writing tones and adjustment controls. However, it does not provide as much customization as Textio does.

In addition to its rephrasing capabilities, QuillBot can also rephrase content that has already been written. The program uses AI to find mistakes and overused words. The tool also has a “freeze” option that lets you freeze the word while editing it to ensure its accuracy.


Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that is highly popular among university students. It has an intuitive user interface and offers various content styles. The program helps you write more concisely and avoid grammar errors. It is free and can be used on various platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Word.

Grammarly’s free plan offers basic grammatical and spelling checks. It also provides suggestions for better-written content. It can also help you avoid plagiarism, as it scans more than 8 billion web pages. If you want to use it more advanced, you can purchase an API-based plan.


The Textio app and desktop application are both capable of correcting grammar and writing errors. However, there are some differences between them. The desktop app has some additional features that make it more useful for those with dyslexia. For example, both have a text-to-speech option that lets you have any text read to you through a computer-generated voice.

InstaText allows you to add and remove words to improve the readability and structure of your writing. It also helps you to write more convincingly by correcting grammatical errors and improving word choice. This is a good feature for writers who want to maintain their writing style and personal language. Although Grammarly’s Premium plan only lets you enter single words, InstaText is smart enough to recognize phrases and word combinations that require revision.

Textio brings top-graded language insights from around the world to help you write more inclusive content. It eliminates guesswork by suggesting words based on past usage. It also guarantees fast updates of data across millions of newly hired documents. Whether you need to write a career site or a talent newsletter, Textio can help you avoid the use of offensive language and ensure social equity.