Ulysses Vs Grammarly

Ulysses Vs Grammarly

Ulysses is one of the best writing tools available for Mac and iOS. It excels at both short and long-form projects provided you’re comfortable using Markdown. It also features a variety of customization options and allows you to strip away extra menu and button options for distraction-free writing.

Its built-in grammar and style check is accessed via a dedicated mode that’s optimized for revising text. It offers suggestions on redundancy, style, and more.

Revision feature

A new revision feature in Ulysses allows you to edit your text before it is published. It uses LanguageTool Plus to check grammar, spelling, redundancy, and style. It is available in 20 languages and is integrated into the Ulysses interface. The feature also provides suggestions for improving your writing and can be turned off at any time.

This new feature is part of an overhaul of the Ulysses dashboard, which features a sidebar panel that allows you to store notes, keywords, writing goals, PDFs, images, and more. It also includes a typewriter mode that keeps the current line in focus and fixed, which can be useful on large screens.

The Ulysses dashboard is also a powerful productivity tool that helps you stay organized and on track with your writing. You can even set a word count goal for a day, session, or week. You can then track your progress on a graph. It also enables you to share your work with third-party apps, such as Bear and iA Writer.

iCloud support

Ulysses is a great app for writing because it supports iCloud and syncs seamlessly. It also looks good in full-screen mode on an iPad, and it can be used with an Apple keyboard for distraction-free writing. It offers a number of different writing modes, including typewriter mode and fixed scrolling.

It features a folder structure for organizing your documents and allows you to tag them using a manual or smart tagging system. It also lets you create material sheets for research and track how your project is progressing. The app also has a number of other features, such as the ability to split an outline into nesting groups and a word count function that displays your progress in real-time.

Ulysses has a new dashboard that reveals the right-hand sidebar and shows your document statistics, including writing time, characters and words. It has also added a grammar check that goes beyond what Apple’s platform provides. However, a subscription is required to use the feature.


The Ulysses app offers many features that make it easy for writers to get started. Its interface is sleek and simple to navigate, and it works with iCloud to sync between multiple devices. It also supports full-screen typing mode to eliminate distractions.

The app also offers a built-in grammar and style check, powered by LanguageTool Plus. It detects and flags grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and provides recommendations on tone, redundancy, and style in over 20 languages. It also has a dedicated revision mode that displays annotations and the system’s suggestions.

Another feature of Ulysses is its ability to organize long writing projects as a collection of sheets. These sheets can be grouped and sorted in any way you want, making it easy to find the pieces of your project. The app also allows you to set a word count goal and track the progress of your work. It’s an excellent tool for writers who need to meet deadlines.


Grammarly is an excellent choice for businesses that require a writing tool with comprehensive proofreading and editing features. Its Premium plan also offers a plagiarism checker and rewriting suggestions. Moreover, it lets you create a style guide and set brand tones so that your customer-facing employees speak the same language. It also supports a Chrome extension, desktop apps, and iOS and Android phones.

Unlike other writing tools, Ulysses is not free and requires a subscription. Its pricing structure may be a turnoff for some writers, especially beginners. It also has a sleek, contemporary interface that is designed to be distraction-free and help you stay focused on your writing project.

It is available on macOS and iOS and is a great tool for writers who work with long-form writing projects. However, it is not compatible with Windows, which may be a problem for some users. In addition, it lacks advanced document management features like index cards and the ability to visualize chapters as individual index cards.