Word Editor Vs Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best grammar checking tools available. It can be used as a browser extension or as an add-on in Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Grammarly identifies many errors and makes corrections to make your writing more accurate and professional. It also checks for plagiarism and provides detailed explanations of its suggested changes.

1. Easy to use

Grammarly is very easy to use and can be installed on your computer. Simply visit the Grammarly website and install the application. It’s available on Mac, Windows, and iOS devices.

Grammarly checks for mistakes such as spelling errors, misused punctuation, and more. It also provides suggestions for better writing, based on your intent and tone.

It also has a plagiarism checker that can detect articles with copied content from the web. This feature is especially useful for teams who want to ensure that their employees’ writing is plagiarism-free.

Another great feature is that Grammarly can be installed in Microsoft Word. This is very helpful for writers who are using this word processor often.

2. It is free

Grammarly is free for anyone to use. It can be downloaded as an add-on to Word and Outlook, or as a Chrome extension.

Aside from catching basic spelling and grammar mistakes, it also offers tone detection and conciseness suggestions on some websites. It is available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and iOS and Android devices.

But it does not have the features of Grammarly Premium.

If you’re looking for a more robust tool for improving your writing, then Grammarly Premium is the best option. It has more defining writing suggestions, plagiarism detectors, inclusivity features, and more.

3. It is easy to install

Adding Grammarly to Microsoft Word and Outlook is easy, and can be done in minutes. The process involves installing an add-in from the Grammarly website and following on-screen instructions.

When users install the add-in, it will automatically review their document or email and provide suggestions to correct any grammar or spelling errors. They can then accept or reject suggestions to keep the original text.

The tool has a dedicated web version, which can be used to write and edit your content immediately with live suggestions in the sidebar.

Grammarly’s technology isn’t as sophisticated as Microsoft Editor, but it is still more accurate in its detection of common grammatical mistakes. It also offers more features than its competitor.

4. It has a mobile app

If you want to edit your documents on the go, Word Editor is a great choice. It’s a simple, lightweight app that allows you to view and edit files on any of your iOS devices.

It has an excellent feature that allows you to save a document directly into an email message with its original formatting preserved. This is especially useful for sharing your work with others.

It also has a lot of features that make it a powerful writing tool. For example, it has a tone detector that helps you avoid jargon or mispronunciation of words. It also has a social community that provides a wealth of content about grammar and writing.

5. It is available in multiple languages

Grammarly is a popular writing tool that detects grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. It also offers a plagiarism checker and writing style suggestions.

This tool is available in multiple languages and can be used on a variety of platforms. It can be installed as a browser extension or through its website, and it works with applications from Microsoft Word to Google Docs.

It is a great way to improve your writing skills and avoid errors. It can be useful for both students and professionals who need to correct grammatical errors while communicating in different languages.

It has an online editor and a native desktop app that can be installed on any computer. The latter can be used to proofread content that you have previously saved in your system.