Word Editor Vs Grammarly

Word Editor Vs Grammarly

Microsoft Editor is less expensive than Grammarly and comes included with Office 365 subscriptions. It isn’t as thorough or nuanced in its proofreading, though.

Grammarly is available as a web editor, a Chrome extension, and a desktop app. Any corrections it offers come with a quick explanation, making it an instant English lesson.


Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word processors, and it comes with basic spelling and grammar checking. However, if you want more in-depth proofreading, it’s worth considering adding Grammarly as an add-in.

The software aims to improve your writing skills by correcting grammatical errors, typos, and other issues. It can also help you improve the tone and style of your work. The company’s co-founders have extensive experience developing software for academic and professional writers. Their products have been adopted by more than a thousand universities.

Despite its impressive list of features, Grammarly is not perfect. For example, it fails to catch certain mistakes that humans can spot, such as using the wrong pronoun in a sentence. It can also misunderstand a word that is spelled correctly but has a different meaning. Nonetheless, the software is a good choice for people who are serious about improving their writing. It’s affordable and works well with other Microsoft programs.


Microsoft Word has a built-in grammar checker that is fairly good, but it lacks the machine learning capabilities of Grammarly. Microsoft Editor has a lot of promise and ambition, though, and it should become more accurate as it continues to learn from your writing. It also has a premium version that offers more in-depth analysis of your writing and identifies potential copyright violations.

Grammarly is a robust proofreading program that can be used on desktop computers, mobile devices, and major browsers. It can identify more than 400 types of errors and suggests corrections. It also provides explanations for each error and lets you save personal words so it doesn’t flag them again.

The software comes with a free service and a premium option that integrates with Word. It is also available as a web extension and has a desktop keyboard for Mac and Windows. It is a great tool for writers who want to improve their writing skills and avoid embarrassing mistakes.


Grammarly is a popular writing assistant that offers premium capabilities. Users can use it to identify grammatical errors, improve sentence structure and clarity, and create error-free documents. It also has a plagiarism checker and human proofreading feature. The program is available for desktop, mobile, and major browsers. It is also integrated with Microsoft Word.

The program has a simple user interface that makes it easy to understand and use. It flags potential mistakes using colored underlines and provides suggestions for corrections. It also checks your document for plagiarism by comparing it against online sources and an academic database.

Although Microsoft Editor has improved over time, it still doesn’t have the same level of accuracy as Grammarly. In addition, its browser extension is unreliable and has a few bugs. For these reasons, Grammarly is a better option for business writers. It is also more affordable than Microsoft Editor and has more features. It is worth noting that both programs have a free version, which is limited in features but still useful for most users.


Unlike Microsoft’s spelling and grammar check, which is quite basic and often misses mistakes, Grammarly is more thorough. It identifies errors and provides suggestions for corrections. It also evaluates the clarity of your writing and suggests rephrasing. It is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

Both Microsoft Editor and Grammarly offer a free service that will identify spelling and grammatical errors in your document. Microsoft Editor offers a subscription with its Office suite and is cheaper than Grammarly. However, it is important to note that Microsoft’s tool has its limitations.

It does not catch many logical errors, such as subject-verb agreement and indirect questions, and it tends to give false positives in some cases. While Microsoft’s tool is better than the free grammar checker offered by Google, it is still not as good as Grammarly. Microsoft is working hard to improve its product and should be a serious contender in the market.