Word Editor Vs Grammarly

Grammarly is an online tool that can correct spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, and grammar mistakes. It can also help improve the clarity and engagement of your writing.

Microsoft Editor is available in Word and as a browser extension, but it doesn’t have the advanced features of Grammarly. You can purchase a subscription to Grammarly for more detailed corrections.


Grammarly is an online grammar checker that helps improve your writing. It works across multiple platforms, including desktop and mobile devices, major browsers, and Microsoft Word. The software can identify more than 400 types of errors and offer suggestions to correct them. It also checks your spelling and can help you avoid embarrassing typos.

Microsoft recently introduced its own competitor to Grammarly, called Editor, which is included in some Office 365 subscriptions. Its free version offers basic spelling and grammar checking, while a premium subscription includes additional features. These include vocabulary suggestions, tone and style adjustments, reworking of lengthy sentences, and plagiarism detection.

Both programs flag potential errors with colored underlines. You can highlight them and then click on a suggested correction to make the change. Grammarly also compares your text with online and academic databases to detect plagiarism. Microsoft Editor does not have this functionality, but it may add it in the future. It also offers a free trial to give users a chance to test the program before they decide to pay for it.


Grammarly is a proofreading software program that can help you correct spelling and grammar errors in your writing. It can also check your writing for plagiarism and recommend changes to improve clarity and tone. It can be downloaded for free on Windows and Mac computers, and it can also run as an add-on in Word.

While Microsoft Editor does a decent job of identifying spelling and grammar mistakes, it isn’t nearly as sophisticated as Grammarly. It’s worth noting, however, that you can get Grammarly for free by subscribing to Microsoft 365, which includes access to a full suite of high-quality office software and a terabyte of cloud storage.

Grammarly is available as a browser extension in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, as an app for Windows and Mac, and as a mobile keyboard for Android and iOS devices. It has a premium version that offers more advanced features, including tone detection and conciseness checks. However, it can be a bit pricey for users who need to use the program frequently.


Microsoft Word has been around for decades and is used by a large number of people. It doesn’t have the advanced grammar and spelling corrections that Grammarly offers, but it does do a decent job of correcting errors. It’s also fairly affordable.

Grammarly is more expensive, but it has a more comprehensive system that will improve your writing over time. It will also catch mistakes that other grammar checkers will miss. It also has a tone detector that will make sure that your writing conveys the right tone.

The best part is that it works with almost all major browsers and can be added to Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Chrome. It can also be installed as a desktop app and will work while you’re typing in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or any other app that supports text input. It will also integrate directly with Microsoft Word and Outlook. It’s a great option for writers who want to be more accurate and consistent in their writing.


Grammarly has many features that are not available in Microsoft Word, including vocabulary enhancement suggestions and an overall writing score. It also detects grammatical errors and syntax mistakes. In addition, it will flag any potential plagiarism. It is available as a web app, desktop application, and free Chromium-based browser extension. It also integrates with Office apps like Word.

However, it is important to note that it generates more false alarms than Microsoft Editor. It is important to check each suggestion carefully before retaining it. It is also important to keep in mind that it is a more basic grammar and spelling checker, so it will not catch as many errors as the premium version.

Microsoft Editor is a more cost-effective option than Grammarly because it offers basic spelling and grammar corrections for free. However, if you want to use premium features, you will need to pay a subscription. In exchange for the monthly fee, you will get full access to Microsoft Office 365, which includes a suite of high-quality office software and a terabyte of cloud storage.