Wordrake Vs Grammarly

Wordrake Vs Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing software that can correct spelling, grammatical, and style issues. It is available as a web application, browser extension, and desktop software. It is compatible with many platforms, including Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

The platform protects user information with encryption and access limits. It also abides by privacy policies and does not share data with third parties.

Real-time corrections

Many people are familiar with the red squiggly lines that identify spelling and grammar errors in Microsoft Word documents. This tool is simple to use and helps writers create better documents. However, it is not able to catch all errors or nuances. Thankfully, there are other options available, such as Wordrake.

Wordrake is a software program created by New York Times bestseller Gary Kinder to help writers tighten and clarify their writing. It also helps writers remove unnecessary words from their writing. It is available as a plugin for Microsoft Word and Outlook on PCs and Macs.

Both Grammarly and Wordrake offer real-time corrections on your content. They also correct the tense of your sentences, the usage of adjectives and adverbs, and the use of hedging and needless qualifiers. However, both programs have different strengths and weaknesses. Both offer a free trial period, so you can test their services before making a decision. Both companies also have privacy policies that ensure their user data is secure.

Privacy policies

Grammarly and Wordrake collect personal information including text input, cookies, and usage data to improve their AI algorithms. However, they do not sell this information to third parties. Moreover, they do not store the user’s content on their servers and instead, it is kept locally. The user can also delete their data at any time.

Both apps are free to use, but Grammarly has more features than Word. The premium version offers real-time corrections on Gmail, social media, and other websites as you type. It can also detect tone and wordiness errors.

Both Grammarly and Wordrake offer re-engagement campaigns to nurture their users. The re-engagement emails often include personalized statistics and writing hints and tips. However, it is important to avoid overdoing this because it could put users off your product. This is because the number one rule of permission-based marketing is to add value before asking for money. This includes sending re-engagement emails in a timely manner.


Grammarly offers a wide range of suggestions to help you improve your writing. You can use its online editor or download the app to edit your documents and emails. It also has a keyboard for mobile devices that corrects grammatical errors as you type.

Its privacy policies are clear, and it does not share user information with third parties without consent. It also uses encryption to protect its databases. In addition, it has a strong commitment to customer support. This commitment is demonstrated in the email that users receive when they re-engage with Grammarly. The email includes personalized statistics and a list of hints and tips.

Grammarly has a variety of payment options for its premium version, including quarterly and annual plans. Its prices are more affordable than other grammar checkers, but it may be pricey for students or casual writers. You can also consider other grammar checking software, such as Stylewriter and Quillbot. These two tools are designed to provide a comprehensive review of your writing and offer suggestions for improving your clarity, engagement, and delivery.


Grammarly is a grammar improvement and writing assistant that can be used for free or purchased on a premium or business plan. It is designed for professional writers and is able to spot complex errors that other programs miss. It also provides suggestions for corrections. For example, it will highlight split infinitives and explain why this is a grammatical error.

It is a very effective welcome email that provides the reader with value before attempting to sell them the product. The message is short and clear with a call-to-action that is supported by red color. The message also includes the reader’s name and a link to their personalized statistics.

For teams with three or more users, the cost of Grammarly Premium is less than a monthly subscription to Microsoft Word. The quarterly and annual plans also offer savings over the monthly price of the subscription. However, these pricing tiers may not work for many users.